Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thoughts on a Cloudy Thursday

I just haven't been able to have much computer time these days (at home I mean!) so no new photos. I know this is why most of you come to San Nakji's world, but also you come for the wise words that I sometimes give you the honour of imparture (is this a word? If it isn't, well... it should be!) of knowledge. This is what I have for you today.

As I was coming to work this morning I saw a bunch of women walking the streets of the city with ski poles. It seemed to me to be some kind of fad excercise thing. Has anyone heard of this? I wonder if they realise how stupid they look when the snow is 5 hours drive away...

It's two days until I leave you all for two weeks. I don't know if I can stand the separation. How will I be able to get through?

Kira's Slave has a stalker. I am, frankly, jealous. Libby has offered to take up the position, but I am prepared to take other applications. Please forward to my email address for perusal. All application rewarded with legal action.

For all you Yanks out there. What's a good book about the Civil War? I am interested in that part of your history!

That's all for the moment. More will come to hand as the day progresses.

San Nakji for President!


The Archivist said...

Don't be too jealous of me having a stalker...

I sugest alcohol. It numbs the pain of separation, but only drink 100 mls of it per day. Otherwise you will numb your entire body and miss your vacay.

Oricon Ailin said...

I just hope you have a wonderful and safe time on your trip. Take LOTS of pictures and stuff!!

I'll miss you very much. *SUPER HUGS!!*

Just be safe, especially with all that is going on in N. Korea lately.

Cergie said...

My brain is too tired, so i'll wait and read that when you'll be far away.

SeoulBrother said...

Here are a couple books about John Brown, the man many consider the initiator of the Civil War.
John Brown, Abolitionist: The Man Who Killed Slavery, Sparked the Civil War, and Seeded Civil Rights by David S. Reynolds
Cloudsplitter: A Novel by Russell Banks