Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brazilian Hunger Strikers - I'm not giving up bacon!

Summer is on its' way
Autumn is here.
Cloudy days, rain.
I remember the good old days of Summer
It was too hot.
I'll take the cold please.

San Nakji for President!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Purple Tree

Summer has left us here in Aotearoa
It's raining
It's pouring
And I'm not snoring
The cricket world cup is still good
New Zealand play tomorrow
My computer is in Hong Kong
Hurry up!

San Nakji for President!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tonite's Special, Just Guess!

Right next to my bus stop is a Middle Eastern Cafe. Like most restaurants they advertise their daily special on a blackboard. Here's the thing about this restaurant though. They have been advertising Lamb Shanks as their special for over 5 years! Every single day. Lamb Shanks. While they may be a popular special, isn't time to actually put them on the menu? Hmmmmm...

San Nakji for President!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That Conservative Guy was on Oprah, MY Oprah!

Just messing around with photos
Scott showed me this new pizzza
German King with sausage in the crust
It looks bad and he said so
There is a cricket in my garage
My computer is in my garage
I am in my garage
The cricket is loud and annoying
She is in hiding
Meanwhile I go deaf

San Nakji for President!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bob Woolmer and Inzi, I wonder...

I like red.
It would be my favourite colour.
I also like pink.
Don't tell anyone though.
A good sporting weekend for me.
Be happy for San Nakji
He is always happy for you.
Have an enjoyable week my friends.

San Nakji for President!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pakistan Coach Poisoned

The cricket world cup is on
Intrigue with poison
Scary stuff
New Zealand is ok though
Poems are hard to compose
When you are tired like me
I should leave on a high
Mt Everest

San Nakji for President!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mr Mugabe, what are you up to?

A New Zealand Ponga
Aotearoa's national plant
Green is good
Old friends came to visit
It makes me smile
I must blog more
I am just too too lazy
Woah is me

San Nakji for President!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Titles. does anyone care? Splat.

An interesting window.
Why won't Oprah answer my letter?
Who'd live in Zimbabwe?
Early morning TV is strange.
I like pie, but it doesn't like me.

San Nakji for President!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Benny Hinn is Nuts

I am a little bit slack at the moment with blogging. I haven't really had a lot of time on my computer to make some nice photos for you guys out there in blog land. Pictures are worth a thousand words and they are easier to look at than a bunch of words don't you think?

So anyway, here is a photo. It is a sign posted on one of the last venues for the Cold War. The border between North and South Korea. The sign is 54 years old this year. Happy Birthday sign!

I also thought I would include a bunch of words. Just for the hell of it, why not?

A moth flew on to my cactus at work. I don't think it realised that a cactus is prickly. It stuck fast to the cactus and is now frozen in time on the top. I don't think it will make the same mistake next time... Does anyone want to see a photo? I am thinking of posting it next time. Money will be accepted to not post! Don't you feel a bit sorry for moths? They are the poor cousin of the butterfly. The butterfly gets all those amazing colours and people ooh and aah when they see them. The biggest reaction I ever saw for a moth was a screaming fit from a friend of mine. Moths get a raw deal. It must stop!

Recently I have become horribly addicted to Licorice Allsorts. The funny thing is that I hate licorice. But the allsort bit seems to cancel out the horrible licorice flavour leaving my tastebuds nothing but sugary goodness. Mmmmm. The problem is that I tend to eat about four and feel quite ill. I walk away swearing that I won't eat anymore, but everytime I see that packet... It's the Allsort's fault I tell you!

San Nakji for President!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Quick Trip to India

Last week while in Melbourne, I made a quick side trip to India. I had a chicken giro. It was tasty.

San Nakji for President!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hello Cliffside Park!

A great function that Google is now offering is Google Analytics. Maybe everyone already knows about this? I can't deny the fact that I am always last on the scene when it comes to this new fangled internet thingy. Anyway, thanks to Seoul Man for putting me on to it. It allows me to see where my visitors are coming from. Thanks to my recent visitors from South Africa, Nigeria and Concepcion I am now only waiting on a visitor from Antarctica to complete my continent set. By far the most visitors come from USA. Thank you my American friends. USA! USA! USA! For some weird reason the most numerous visits are from Cliffside Park, New Jersey. How interesting! If you are the person who keeps visiting from Cliffside Park, please let me know. I am intrigued. I can't imagine you are my sister-in-law's family (who live in New Jersey). Who the heck are ya?

It's also good for seeing how your site is accessed via search engines. This website has been found by searching for "i was deported", "policeman electrodes to nipples", "kumara 42 talk show bbc" and "deaf blogs in nz from photos" (among others). What fun!

San Nakji for President!

Monday, March 05, 2007


I get so jealous of birds. Especially gulls who seem to have pretty good lives. Except for the ones with one leg or a broken wing. Those ones are jealous of me!

San Nakji for President!

The Art of Being Regular

One thing about blogs is that if someone doesn't update for a while, well you just stop visiting the site. I dread that my site could become one of these. The problem however is two fold. I spent last week getting ready for my whirlwind trip to Melbourne, took my whirlwind trip to Melbourne and returned from my whirlwind trip to Melbourne. Because of this I just didn't have time for the computer. The other problem is my current addiction with the American TV show Prison Break. As Aotearoa is so far behind America I have been forced to use my computer to rectify this. My computer is so slow and sad that to even attempt blogging at the same time would be tantamount to slow death by snail.

So, to show you that my blog is in fact very much alive, I thought I would first lay out a list of excuses and then finish this post off with something very interesting. A minor problem here is that I can't think of anything interesting. Let me think for a bit............................................................ ..........................................................................................................................................................................

When I was a kid anyone who was any one told me that if I swallowed gum it would stay in my body for seven years. Well, it turns out that that is not the case. Gum will come out just as quickly as anything else. To celebrate this news I am now going to swallow a pack of gum.

Now that was worth waiting for wasn't it?

San Nakji for President!

Friday, March 02, 2007

It's True

I've been away in Australia checking out my friends Little Britain. Melbourne is a nice city, not an attractive one in the same way as Auckland or Sydney, but there is a lot to do and more importantly the food there is great!

So, I come back and it seems to have been a very slow week for my fellow bloggers. Except for Cergie who is always on the case of course! Come on people, pick up the pace!

Well, it's Friday and the weekend is almost here. Have a good weekend one and all!

San Nakji for President!