Saturday, July 29, 2006


In the continuing series of SN's trip to the zoo, here is an otter. She was eating her lunch at the time and just wouldn't stay still. They are very active creatures!

San Nakji for President!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cleaning Bird

I have no idea what this bird is, but she was so intent on cleaning herself that she didn't even notice me standing there...

San Nakji for President!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Post 600

I can't believe it, I have now posted 600 times! Not much to say on this occasion, the same applies for whenever my last anniversary post was. My blog has really changed from the original to what it is now. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. I hope you enjoy visiting!

A couple of thoughts to finish with,

1 - Bacon is yummy. I am sorry to my veg friends, but I could never give up meat while bacon is an option!

2 - They are making Dark Crystal 2! Yay! Yay! Yay!

3 - In 14 days I will be in Rarotonga soaking up the rays, lying on the beach, diving in the lagoon!

4 - There are too many bottles on my desk. They are out of control!

Here are some things which involve 600.

King Beop of Baekje died in 600 AD
Perisans began to use windmills for irrigation in 600 AD
I-600 is the form you need to fill out to classify an orphan as a relative in the US
News Radio 600 is the San Diego home of Rush Limbaugh :-(
The A340-600 is the longest Airbus airliner in operation
The Omnibook 600 is cute but quirky
The 600-cell is a finite regular four-dimensional polytope
Coca Cola 600 tickets are now on sale for 2007's race in North Carolina

San Nakji for President!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


For future reference, San Nakji's favourite monkey is the Tamarin. Just so you know ok?

San Nakji for President!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Red Panda

Another zoo pic. I have talked about the Red Panda before. They are pretty cool! Much better than their boring-black-and-white-do-nothing more famous relative!

San Nakji for President!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


San Nakji went to the zoo today. San Nakji took his new camera.... Standby for animal photos!

San Nakji for President!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


First, a warning. There are spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen this movie and you want to, then please don't read anymore, no matter how much you need my writing to continue living. I promise I will post more for my adoring fans.

So anyway, on with the spoilers...

On Sunday night San Nakji made the move from his house to the movie theatre to watch Superman Returns with Mrs SN and Those Of Little Significance (TOLS). San Nakji likes a bit of a Superhero movie or two, especially Spiderman 1 and 2, Batman Begins, Hellboy and so on. Exclude me however from the Daredevil, Electra and Punisher fan clubs please. I feel I am digressing, but stick with me, it's going to be a hell of a ride!

One of the greatest heroes of superhero movie fans has to be Christopher Reeve. He played Superman just the way we imagined him. As an actor he was typecasted forever, but the fans were happy and you have to give us what we want! I was devastated by his death and so when I heard that the new Superman movie would continue on from these movies, I thought I should check it out.

One thing I heard was that the new Superman looked a lot like our Mr Reeve. I can assure you he doesn't. This comes from someone who pretty much thinks clouds he sees in the sky are devils predicting doom (well, not THINKS, more like KNOWS). Yup, I think everything looks like something, but I don't think whathisface the new Superman looks anything like Christopher. They both have the flying thing going for them, but that's about it. The new Lois Lane just doesn't compare to the old one. The old one was way more 'New York', if you know what I mean and this Bosworth woman is just annoying.

The movie itself is pretty enjoyable. The director tried to keep the 'camp' sort of feel of the original movies and I think he did pretty well. Kevin Spacey is a good Lex Luthor although he isn't really scary enough for my liking except when he is yelling at Lois Lane. I have to tell you she needs a good yelling at too!

The thing that really annoys me about this movie is the rediculous plot against the world. Lex Luthor has stolen the crystals from Superman's Fortress of Solitude and when you put them in water they expand into land... Yup, you heard me right. Just like one of those towel things that is really tiny and then turns into a big towel in water, know the one? Lex dumps one of the coast of Metropolis and plans to live on the land produced. One of the major troubles here is the land is really crap. It's just rock. There aren't any trees or water or anything, just a bunch of rocks. It's just rediculous I tell you! Now if I were a bad guy I would go with the tried and true laser on the moon or nuclear missile aimed at the white house trick. Growing land? What the hell?

The movie is loooooooong. 2 1/2 hours. You know who's fault this is? That Cameron guy who directed Titanic (I want to say Kirk..., but that ain't right!) and Aotearoa's very own Peter Jackson. They showed the world that really long movies can work. Well Hollywood, sometimes they just don't! Ever go to one of those films where you kept checking your watch? This was one of them!

Ready for the big spoiler? Superman has a son.... (Excuse me while I vomit...)

Anyone bored of Kryptonite? So so bored!

I give this film 5 tentacles out of 8. It was pretty fun, but too long and the bad guy was just being stupid!

San Nakji for President!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Should It Be An Issue?

U.S. television talk show queen Oprah Winfrey on Monday moved to quash rumors about her relationship with her best friend, saying she is not gay.

In the August issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, the TV star says some people misunderstand her close friendship of 30 years with Gayle King, an editor on the magazine often seen with Winfrey in public.

"I understand why people think we're gay," Winfrey tells the magazine. "There isn't a definition in our culture for this kind of bond between women. So I get why people have to label it -- how can you be this close without it being sexual?"

In the article, Winfrey and King, who is divorced with two children, discuss their 30-year friendship and "four-times-a-day phone calls."

The friends say they would have no problem telling the public if they were in a sexual relationship.

"The truth is, if we were gay, we would tell you, because there's nothing wrong with being gay," says King.

King says the rumors used to bother her as "it's hard enough to get a date on Saturday night" but said she doesn't care anymore. Winfrey, 52, who has never been married, agrees.

"I've told nearly everything there is to tell. All my stuff is out there. People think I'd be so ashamed of being gay that I wouldn't admit it? Oh, please."

So there's still a chance for me Oprah?

San Nakji for President!

Beautiful Alphabet

I think this is one of the most beautiful alphabets in the world. Anyone know what it is? A prize if you can guess!

San Nakji for President!

Mud, Glorious Mud

Don't know if I posted this one before? It's always worth revisiting as I love boiling mud. It sounds great and is fun to watch. Don't believe me? Better than watching Rollerball on the big screen I tell you! Just try it!

San Nakji for President!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh Boy! Sake!

Empty? Now you tell me!!!

San Nakji for President!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Bastille Day

Bonjour to all my French readers. Je m'appelle San Nakji, enchantè.

Today, 14th July is Bastille Day. The day the Bastille was stormed and the Republic was formed. Let's celebrate this breakdown in civil order by eating escargot, frog's legs, horse steaks and lots of New Zealand wine. (well French wine just isn't what it used to be!) Enjoy the day France, the weather is nice here, which is a good sign for you!

San Nakji for President!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Like Pigs to the Slaughter

These photos crack me up! Ha ha ha ha ha!

San Nakji for President!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sea and Tree

Playing around with my new camera and its' super view function... The sea isn't blue enough!

(come back at Christmas when the tree will be red with flowers)

San Nakji for President!

Full Moon Again

Again with the full moon? It seems like only last month that we had one of these!

San Nakji for President!


When I visited Taipei many years ago, I don't remember it looking this good. Oh, to take photos like this!

San Nakji for President!

I Won!

I came first in the company World Cup picking contest. I received a bottle of NZ wine and this lovely trophy you see here. Wow! Could my day get any better? Surely not!

San Nakji for President!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Taking a Walk in Athens

Another photo from my time in Greece. Everyone should have pompoms on their shoes!

San Nakji for President!

The World Cup is Over

This morning saw the World Cup of Football (soccer for some of you) come to an end. Italy defeated France in a dramatic penalty shootout. I had picked Italy to win and won some money and prizes, so I was happy, but I am sad for Cergie. The worst thing was seeing one of the greated players of all time, Zindane, being sent from the field for a brain explosion inspired head butt. I wonder if we will ever know what happened? I think there may have been some racial abuse involved, but that is speculation.
I know many of my readers know very little about the World Cup. What sets it apart from other world events is that it is truly a World event. The match this morning was probably watched by 2 billion people, 33% of the World's population! Nothing else on this earth will unite people like this tournament. That is why I truly love it.
Now it is over, I will be able to catch up on my sleep and get back to my favourite sport, Rugby League, which is watched by virtually no one in the world... But that's not the point is it?

Congratulations Italy. You made me a rich man today ;o)

San Nakji for President!

Now THIS is real news!

This passes for news in Aotearoa New Zealand....

"An escapee who had spent almost a month on the run, eating the finest food and frolicking in clear public sight on the beach of one of New Zealand's swankiest suburbs has been recaptured by desperate authorities.

Jin, a short-clawed Asiatic otter which escaped from Auckland Zoo on June 13, was found in a trap on an island in the Hauraki Gulf -- part of the harbour that forms the eastern sea entrance to New Zealand's largest city.

The otter was sighted by a sailor on Sunday and extra food was laid out for her around traps on islands in the Gulf. Zoo staff said she had been caught overnight.

"She is in pretty good shape. But obviously she will be a little worse for the wear for being out there," zoo spokeswoman Jane Healy told the New Zealand Press Association.

Jin was being taken back to the zoo for checks by a veterinarian, Healy said.

While on the run, Jin had captured the public's attention with almost daily media coverage on her continued evasion despite the best attentions of the zoo and New Zealand's Department of Conservation.

Jin and two other otters escaped from a new compound in the zoo last month. The other otters were caught but Jin was believed to have swum down a creek and into the harbour.

She crossed the harbour and made her way to the beachfront at Devonport, which is considered one of New Zealand's more well-heeled suburbs."

Not interested in rape or murder. World affairs? Who needs that? We have an otter to plaster all over our front pages!

San Nakji for President!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Freaky Sky

I took this photo of the sky outside my office the other day. It's pretty damn freaky don't you think?

San Nakji for President!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekly Animal Pic - Tamarin

I love Tamarins. Aren't they funky?

San Nakji for President!

Bus Rides

Depending on when I am working, I sometimes take the bus to work or back home again. I am a fan of the bus when I am on it, but not a fan of waiting for it.... There are a couple of things I like about buses, one being that I can read my book and zone out with my lovely iPod without having to worry about driving. The other thing that's really enjoyable is watching some of the wacky people who live way to close to me for my liking....

The most interesting guy is obviously a special person. He likes to chat to himself as he rides and always wears orange overalls... Now there is a victim of fashion! One day I got on the bus and found all the seats, bar the one next to him, were taken. So I gathered my courage and sat down next to him. I had my headphones on and so hoped to block out his mindless rantings. Unfortunately for me, he decided he would play virtual tennis (yup...) and began swinging his virtual raquet back and forwards. I moved as far away as possible from him, but that only seemed to help him make bigger sweeps with his raquet. I had to get off the bus much sooner than I had planned....

There is a guy who rides the early bus that I take and he always sits at the front of the bus and tells the driver about everything that is going on in his life. I had never been able to make out what he was saying until this morning, when for some reason the acoustics were just right. He was boring the driver with news of his daughter (he doesn't see her often as he is divorced and she ain't living with him. Big surprise). This guy is one of those people who hypnotises you with his head. It is all bald and shiny and has a big lump right on the top of it. It is horrifying and yet beguiling all at the same time... I was tempted to take a photo, but I am sure it would creep my dear readers out too much!

One fun (it is a relative term!) thing to do on a bus is to sit at the back and watch where people choose to sit. First people go for the empty seat and you end up with a bus of half filled seats. Then it gets really interesting as you try to guess where new passengers will sit. Petit women seem to be the partner of choice when sitting, with large scary looking males way down on the list. It is a good way to pass the time if you are riding with a friend. Money could even change hands!

San Nakji for President!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Can you see the rainbow from my office window? Time to find me some gold!

San Nakji for President!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I had this big bit of writing to do about independence and how good it is.... But now all I want to do is post a picture of a cloud....

San Nakji for President!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th

Hey Yanks, as NZ is a day ahead of you guys, it's already July 4th here! That means nothing to us, but to you it's a big holiday isn't it? I have to say I like Thanks Giving better as you eat yummy food. Do you eat yummy food on July 4th? My soul source for American culture, TV, seems to say no. Anyway, enjoy your day. Enjoy your fireworks and remember it's only 4 months until you eat turkey and sweet potato pie. Yay!

San Nakji for President!


What do you get when you take a photo with your phone at 6am on a moving bus from the Auckland Harbour Bridge?

Now you know!

San Nakji for President!

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Mint Can Climb!

Latest word in the saga of Mint. I have now discovered that mints can climb stairs. It does take upwards of a month but they can do it. Our resident Mint has moved up a stair and has moved nearer to the window. I speculate that Mint is keen on the view which as you can see is of the most amazing cables a stairwell has ever allowed us to see. Where will Mint go next? Stay tuned!

San Nakji for President!


Today's helpful hint for Americans.

What you call apartments, we here in the British English world call flats.

This helpful hint was brought to you by Frenetic Cola proud sponsor of the 2007 World Cup of Ikebana.

San Nakji for President!

Nicholas is a Good Boy

Bit of a soap box trip for a minute, please indulge me.

I think one of the worst acts in this world is to force children to kill. This is happening all over Africa and it is destroying communities and nations. The worst offenders as far as I am concerned are the Lords Resistance Army who are a bunch of nutters. Children in this so called 'Army of God' have been forced to commit unspeakable acts while the international community just sits by and ignores what is going on.

I was pleasantly surprised to read this morning that Nicholas Cage is helping these kids with quite a bit of money. Normally I can't stand the guy with his one facial expression and his weird obsession with Elvis, but I may go out and buy a Nicholas Cage box set as a thank you from me to him...

(By the way, I am really sorry for the photo... Someone told me it was cage looking his best!)

"Nicolas Cage has donated $2 million to help former child soldiers worldwide.The donation by the Oscar-winning actor will help provide shelters and medical and psychological rehabilitation services, said Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International USA. Cox accepted the donation Wednesday at a United Nations Conference in New York. Amnesty International will administer the funds.

''I understand that this pledge is not a solution for the problem,'' Cage, 42, said when he announced the contribution by video.

''It's my hopeful wish that today's discussions on this tragic subject at the United Nations conference may bring us closer to eradicating the nightmare of child soldiers.''

Cage said he has worked with Amnesty International for more than two years.The United Nations estimates there are at least 300,000 child soldiers participating in armed conflicts in the world today."

San Nakji for President!