Monday, October 31, 2005

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks died early last week at the age of 92. I don't claim to know a lot about the civil rights movement in the US, but even from here the name Rosa Parks is famous. Far from being a great leader of the movement like Martin Luther King Junior, she was a powerful symbol and for many a catalyst for the struggle. She didn't think that way when she headed home on the bus that day. She was tired and just wanted to sit down. To think that having sore legs would propel her into such fame. What this does show is that even the ordinary person can truly make a difference. I have always found Rosa to be an inspiration and I am sorry to hear of her passing.

San Nakji for President!

Crap TV Shows from my Past #2

What can I say about Scarecrow and Mrs King? Not a lot really, for the life of me I can't really remember what the hell it was about. I am pretty sure that Scarecrow was with the CIA or some similar spy club and Mrs King was a housewife who helped him out on the big cases. How did this last four seasons? It is beyond me... I do miss it though, TV was so much simpler then... *sigh* Here's the theme song for all you massochists out there!

San Nakji for President!

Crap TV Shows from my Past #1

"Hey there where ya goin’? Not exactly knowin'
Who says you have to call just one place home.
He’s goin’ everywhere, B.J. McKay and his best friend Bear.

He just keeps on movin’. Ladies keep improvin’
Every day is better than the last.
New dreams and better scenes,
And best of all I don’t pay property tax.

Rollin’ down to Dallas. Who’s providin’ my palace?
Off to New Orleans or who knows where.
Places new and ladies, too, I’m B.J. McKay and this is my best friend Bear."

Don't have the song in your head like I do? You can listen to it here.

Why isn't there a movie of this quality show from yesteryear? If Dukes of Hazzard and Charlies Angels can have movies then BJ and the Bear deserves one for sure! Shall I start a petition?

San Nakji for President!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


This is by far the longest I have gone without posting. Things are happening in my life, good things, which have otherwise occupied my life this week. I know there are thousands of you out there who can't get by without your daily dose of the Nakji, so I am sorry that I have disappointed you. Anyway, again I don't really have anything to say, let's see how long we can pad it out shall we?
I see that Space Nakji and Kira's Slave are both into this novel writing website challenge thingy, I forget the name and can't be bothered clicking to one of their websites to find out, check it out yourself. Anyway, 50 000 words in a month is pretty amazing and I wish them both all the luck in the world. Space is probably the best writer I know, with Gasoline Hobo making an appearance too, and KS just seems full of ideas desperate to get out. I reckon they will both do well and I look forward to reading what they are up to. I corresponded with Steven Pressfield last year after reading a number of his books and he told me that I should write something. When I was a kid I used to love to write, but as I got older I realised that I had no talent! Maybe one day, probably when I am much more famous than I am now. Anyway, good luck!
There has been a lot of blog action while I have been away. This is a very good thing, I like to see my blogfriends posting more. I see that 21C Seonbi is having problems redefining his blog. I wish him luck also as blogs by people with an interest in Korea are few and far between. I have enjoyed his posts and so have my fingers crossed that he can figure it out.
As I write this Halloween Resurrection is on the TV. Can someone please tell me why Michael Myers wanted to kill Jamie Curtis so bad? I don't get it. You would think he would be more protective of his sister... Anyone into these kinds of things?
Speaking of Halloween, it is tomorrow. I hate it! It really is a very foreign idea here in New Zealand and lazy greedy teenagers seem to have tkaen it up while most other people with a brain have left it well alone. I hate it when kids come to our door demanding food, especially the ones who don't even bother wearing costumes. Usually we go out for the evening, anything to avoid damn teenagers!
On the 5th of November we will celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. This celebrates the gunpowder plot when Catholics in England tried to blow up parliament and James I. Needless to say they failed and the bomber, Guy Fawkes was tortured and then killed. For a 7 day period preceding 5/11 you can buy fireworks. Other times they are strictly off limits. I used to love this day, but as I get older it has lost a lot of meaning for me. To top it off, the amount of fires and accidents caused by idiots, almost certainly teenagers, is just not funny. When it comes down to it, Kiwis just can't be trusted. When I am elected Supreme Leader of Aotearoa, I will start by abolishing elections and will then set about sorting out all the foolish people, a bloody hard job, but someone has to do it!
Wait, Jamie Curtis just got stabbed and I think she died. What's up with that? I really should have watched the first movie, or should I have?
I saw Antitrust last night. It was a pretty good film. I wouldn't pay for it or anything, but it was on TV, and it was ok. If you happen to see it that it's on in TV guide or whatever you have, then give it a go.
Wow, this is a bunch of crap post! At least I am giving my public what they want....

San Nakji for President!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Worlds Largest

Ages ago I posted a photo of the largest mud building in the world. Well here's the largest wooden building in the world. It is called Todaiji 東大寺 and is in Nara, Japan, San Nakji's old stamping ground...

This post is brought to you by San Nakji's writer's block.

San Nakji for President!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Weekly Animal Pic - Liger

The product of 'relations' between a lion and a tiger. This guy is pretty cool, although tired. For mixed species, this is one of my favourites along with the Wholphin...

San Nakji for President!

On My List #2

Just so you know Gasoline Hobo, you are on my list. Not the one to the right of this blog, but the bad one that people don't want to be on. You are on this list for STARTING a tag.... who starts a tag? I mean, people continue tags, but who starts one? Still, with a whole day of nothing to occupy me, let's see if I can come up with 20 things...

Twenty Stupendously Interesting Things About San Nakji (Using
Gasoline Hobo as a template)

1 - My first real memory is my dad doing his famous leaping-into-his-underwear trick... don't ask, just accept

2 - I broke my tibia when I was 6 by hopping on a trampoline in Queensland Australia. My parents didn't believe I had broken my leg and thought I was faking. The took us to a tree with bats and told me to come outside and look at them. Of course I couldn't so had to wait until 2001 for the chance to see bats again. My parents suck.

3 - Like Gasoline Hobo asthma threatened my life when I was young. One time I actually remember floating above my body looking down on everything... or did I jut make that up?

4 - In highschool or as we call it, college; I decided to grow my hair long. Unfortunately for someone who's hair gets curly when long this made for the worst mullet you would have ever seen. Fortunately I grew out of this and destroyed all evidence that this ever happened. I then went on to university and shaved my head and began wearing Doc Martins. I call this my liberal nazi stage...

5 - I had all my wisdom teeth removed when I was 20. I had the only general anesthetic of my life and woke up raving about Hitler.... I have no idea why, but people withing distance of my ravings enjoyed the performance immensely...

6 - I am left handed and it took many years before I found a pen that would work for me. Unfortunately they don't make them anymore, so I will stick to typing thanks!

7 - When I was a kid, the worst nightmare I ever had involved Pink Panther coming out of my wall to his theme song. It still scares the hell out of me when I think too much about it. It may have shaped the way I live today, then again it may not have.

8 - My pet peeve would be people who litter. Spitting ain't high on my list either.

9 - My car was destroyed by a Sweet Potato Truck (Kumara in our lingo). We were turning into a farm to buy kumara when this guy decided to hit us from behind going about 100 kmph. Somehow we both lived and I suffered two small cuts from glass. The scars and the irony are still visible.

10 - My dream car is a flying one. Running entirely on solar power so it would be good for the environment. Green to the end me ;-)

11 - Ice cream is the food I love the most. Unfortunately Mrs San Nakji feels that something green and tasteless should be the food I love.

12 - When I was on my honeymoon in
Vanuatu, I ate a fruit bat. I had to wait until ate at night as they had to bring it in from Port Vila. It was done in a red wine sauce and was too full of bones for my liking. Continuing the bat theme, we had our second wedding at the local zoo and the batkeeper hang a bat off Mrs San Nakji for great photos... For the record bats are some of my favourite animals

13 - I collected coins from all over the world. I have a huge box full of them, but as I get older I don't really do it with the passion I once had. Sad, but true...

14 - I hadn't been in a bar for many years until last year when I started on the Pub Quiz circuit. I am now a passionate quizzer and every Wednesday night my team, Skorpion Blair, can be found at Northcote Tavern kicking quiz arse. Why Skorpion Blair? It is a reference from my favourite show, Family Guy.

15 - I used a bidet for the first time in Korea. It was awesome. I am trying to convince Mrs San Nakji that we need one in our toilet here. One that talked would be good...

16 - I cannot shake the habit of using three dots in pratically everything I write...

17 - As the Wall came down in Berlin I was being deported from Czechoslovakia by armed police...

18 - I was obviously continuing the family tradition as my dad was arrested by the royal guard of
Swaziland for trespass...

19 - My guinea pig became infested with mites and chewed off his fur. He then froze to death. Silly creature. Before the Humane Society gets upset with me, I took him to the vet and was giving him the best care before he left this world.

20 - I speak quite a few languages. My aim is to speak at least one from each continent, I am almost there...

So there you go. I don't know if they were interesting things or not, but hell, it takes up a lot of blog space! I would like to tag EVERYONE on my good list. It would be good to hear what you guys have to say.

Right, time for the Weekly Animal Pic...

San Nakji for President!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

On My List

There are a number of people on my real list, which is a place you wouldn't want to be... A much more favourable list can be found to the right of my blog under all the rubbish about movies and books and whatever. In my time, I have surfed through quite a few blogs. You could say I am a blog slut. However as I get older I am trying to cut down and stay faithful to just the barest amount of blogs... On suggestion of Kira's Slave I will now talk a bit about each of the blogs, why they are on my prestigious list and what's with the description after each one...

Korean Blog List - Way back when, I wanted my blog to be about one of my favourite places in the world, Korea. As I go on, I find it harder and harder to talk about a place I am not in at the moment... There are better blogs than my own for this, as you will see.

Oriconailin - The Net's Nicest Person! - The first person to ever comment on my blog (apart from a very annoying sibling) was Ori. She has always been very good with her comments on my blog and I really appreciate it. I always enjoy hearing others' take on my thoughts. Her blog is perhaps not for everyone, but I love reading it as I know her pretty well and like to keep in touch with what's going on in her life. As with everyone on my list, Ori has San Nakji's personal seal of protection, so rather than going over to her blog to bother her, come here and bore me with your abuse. Ori is a very good friend.

Follow that Mouse - Posts with a conscience - Mouse is from the UK and blogs about things that are important to him. His politics are probably similar to mine and I love reading the things he posts, and man does he post! His blogs are always filled with pictures and I followed this idea by filling mine with pictures too. I always find out something new when I read his blog and I believe he has a strong sense of what is good and just.

Space Nakji - San Nakji envys her writing ability! - Space has a great way with her words. I always look forward to seeing her posts, she is a really great writer. I could blog for a thousand years and would never have the ability that she has to write, I can only look on with envy. Space has given me a lot of advice and I have learned a lot from her. I appreciate it a lot.

These were the first four blogs I linked to, they are the chosen few! However some others have been luck to have been touched also...

Ganesh and Gandhi - Interesting India - Nick blog interested me as he wrote about India, a place I would love to go to. He is also learning Hindi and I am interested in how he is going with that. The problem with Nick is that his last post was over a month ago. I am desperately waiting for a new post, but nothing is happening.... If you read this Nick, please post again!

Minty's Corner - Draws a mean cartoon - I like Minty's blog, although he doesn't post nearly enough for my liking! He is a hell of a drawer, another skill that I far from possess. Now that he has moved to California and looks more or less set up. I think we may be blessed with more drawings from him. His non drawing posts are good too.

Sciubi - One line blogging - Sciubi is a friend of mine from this part of the world. He has neglected his blog recently... hint, update! I like his single line style, a lot different for my chronic over usage of the language...

Random Squared - Weird... Should I get it? - Another friend, well colleague really who after reading my blog thought he would write the anti-blog. He seems to have started out with no idea what he was doing and has pretty much run out of ideas by the lack of blogging going on over there!

Macro - Cool bug photos - Rachel has yet another skill in the field of fine art that I fail to be able to possess.... She is one great photographer. Her closeups of insects and their friends are amazing, beautiful even. She is also a hard working mum, yes I spell it with a 'u' get over it!

My Life, My Rules! - An Indian view from India - Deepa comes from south India and is a post grad student of Journalism. The thing that attracted me to her blog were her vivid descriptions of places in India and the people she has met. I really feel she will make a great journalist and in the mean time I will enjoy her postings.

21st-Century Seonbi - Want to learn Korean? - Now, Sewing, why the hell is he Sewing? I have no idea. Sewing has a great plan. It is to teach Korean while at the same time learning it by blogging. His lessons aren't for beginners, but if you have any knowledge of Korean then his blog is always a good look. However I seem to have come to his blog at a bad time, he hasn't updated for quite a while, no matter how much I bother him. As many of you know, I am not particularly patient...

Far Far Away - What makes Koreans tick? - Flowerful is a Korean. In Blogspot land there are very few Koreans. One reason for this could be that the Korean government has been known to shut down blogger at their end every once in a while... Another could be that being the super wired up country they are, they hardly need foreign blog sites with such limited technology. I like the fact that Flowerful is blogging in a language which is not her first and I think she does very well.

Kushibo-e Kibun - Disagrees with my Romanisation ;o) - Kushibo's first comment to me was that I had romanised some Korean words not to his liking. Yup, rather than comment on what I had written he chose to focus on that. He can be like that sometimes. Still, he is in Korea and he gives yet another view on what is going on over there. He seems very no nonsense to me, but he insists that is not the case. To prove it, I believe he runs a Simpsons website or something like that...

Only Almost Here - Watch where you click! - Kira's Slave or KS to lazy people like myself is a good friend of Ori. I found his blog through hers. He is yet another aspiring writer, although his subject of choice, erotica, is not really my thing. He is quite young and I enjoy reading his blog seeing how he is finding his way in this crazy world of ours. I say you should watch where you click as there are some scantily clad women links to be found on his blog... Oh yeah, the whole description of blogs was stolen from him! Thanks KS

In My Not-so-humble Opinion - A clued up teenager - I found this blog quite by accident, just by clicking that button at the top of blogger that says 'next blog'. I am quite impressed by his style considering how young he is. Definitely someone to keep track of for the future.

Brotha Buck - Are there too many Texans on this blog list? - Sorry Brother Buck, not a very interesing tag to your name! Again, I found this guy through Ori's blog. He is from Texas too, that makes two on my list... He is a pretty funny writer and even better a cartoonist / illustrator. He is also the most popular blog I link to, he has about 20 or so comments per post. Wow! I think he may be worried that I linked to him also...

Gasoline Hobo - A good read and a promise to update - I thought for ages that GH and Space Nakji were related. They have a very similar style and a scarily similar sense of humour. It turns out that they are not related, just married... nah, just kidding. Old school friends! GH's posts are great, don't always make sense, but always make me laugh. I hope that book thing is serious, I suggest you all help GH out and buy a copy of his book when it comes out. When's it coming out?

Seoul Brother - running out of comments... - I found SB through Space's blog. He doesn't use blogger, some other kind of thing, which I can't remember right now. I apologise for my comment for him, got lazy, more lazy than normal, when I got that far. He reminds me of a Seoul Brother I once knew in Korea, but that's another story. I owe him a good kicking on the Madden football game of his choice...

Well, that's it. I try to read each and every one of these blogs at least once a day during the week. Not all of you update and I can tend to get annoying if you don't. If you are going away, just tell me and I will leave you alone! It's quite easy.

Thanks for all your varied blogs, even though this tiny country at the bottom of the world is quite far away from everywhere (except millions of penguins) I feel closer to civilisation thanks to y'all. Well, some of you anyway... some of you make me thankful that I am far away!!! ;o)

San Nakji for President!

Glow-in-the-dark Donkeys

A British-based donkey welfare group has started a campaign to put reflective tags on Namibia's donkeys. The idea is to make the animals easier to see at night, and thus to avoid collisions on main roads.
Donkeys in Namibia and other African countries frequently wander onto the tarmac at night - and fail to get out of the way when vehicles approach. Collisions involving vehicles and donkeys are believed to account for a quarter of road accidents in Namibia. Donkey Welfare of Namibia plans to distribute reflective tags to be attached to donkeys' ears.

"At first we are concentrating on the areas where most collisions with donkeys occur but we would like to eventually tag all donkeys in the country," Russell Hay, a founder member of the organisation told the Namibian newspaper.

Donkeys tend to wander onto roads as the evening cools down, and the tarmac retains the heat for longer than the surrounding bush. There are believed to be at least 150,000 donkeys in the northern Owamboland region alone. The average northern Namibian household owns five of the animals. Many other donkeys are strays, and become a serious problem on unfenced roads.

San Nakji for President!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

For Space Nakji

Says it all really...

진심으로 축하드립니다. 정말 좋은 소식입니다.

San Nakji for President!


I am into my second week of six weeks off. Staying at home for such a long time without contact with the outside world is giving me a hell of a case of writer's block. To keep my slight readership, I know I need to keep giving you something fresh, but I don't know what!

Walking the Pooch yesterday, I saw a hell of a cloud of doom in the sky. It stretched right across and looked like a rabbit, maybe a hare, with a huge meat cleaver. It was yet more proof of what I have been trying to tell you people. If only I had had my camera so I could show you. The cleaver was aimed south. Does this mean that doom will strike Invercargill (once described by Mick 'Big Lips' Jagger as the Arsehole of the World)? Or perhaps the hare is setting up camp for a strike on Antarctica? After all that's where the Predators were keeping the Aliens (See the documentary here), it would seem logical to sort them out first.

What else? Summer is on the way here. We are now 13 hours ahead of GMT and have finally arrived in the same time zone as Tonga, whew! It is getting warmer and San Nakji has even been seen in shorts! Can you believe it? There may be some connection with this and the increase of blindness in those coming in direct contact with the legs....

Is that enough to keep this fresh? I am hoping so...

San Nakji for President!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cities, Fun Aren't They?

So I have just finished reading Rats by Robert Sullivan. It is basically about rats (wow) and the author's experiences with them in New York City. He talks at length about NYC as well and the history of this city. I have never heard so much passion spouted about a city as the passion that New Yorkers have for theirs. Every night on Letterman they welcome us to the greatest city in the world, John McEnroe raves about it every year as he commentates on the US Open tennis and there seems to be never ending propaganda raving about this place.
I must admit that when I think of a city, New York would be the ideal. Enormous buildings, throngs of people as far as the eye can see and everything you would ever need. It can't be a bad place as Seinfeld lives there as do our Friends and many other TV characters. Better than that though are the superheroes who live there. Spiderman and Batman live there, as does Hellboy, the X-men, the Fantastic Four, and even the Ghostbusters. Where else could these guys live? They need that atmosphere that only New York can offer. This is especially the case for Spiderman. I often imagine how miserable Spiderman would be if he lived in Auckland. He would basically just be spinning his web around one building over and over again. The bad guys would simply drive into the suburbs rendering this poor superhero helpless. This would probably happen in bigger cities than my own as I have never been to a city that could compare with my image of NYC.
So what am I trying to say here? I have no idea. Basically I am facinated by the thought of New York. It amazes how people rave about it and I envy it for all its' superheroes!
Oh yeah, the books a good read, although there is not nearly enough info on rats for my liking!

San Nakji for President!

Weird Tag

How do I answer this one from Seoul Brother without throwing away my cold hard squid like exterior? SB has tagged me and Space Nakji with the following,

What Movie Scenes Always Make you Cry (Or would if you were a big crying crier)

The Green Mile - When the big guy (can't remember his name) gets the chair

Karate Kid 3 - The start when I learn that Kumiko is not going to be in the film

Love Actually (My all time favourite film at the moment) - When that guy who played Bridget Jones' boyfriend asks that Portuguese girl to marry him, how romantic

ET - When the damn thing dies

Whale Rider - I don't remember when, but somewhere in that film there is a scene where some people may want to cry

Karate Kid 4 - When I found out Daniel San was replaced. The old team of Miyagi and Daniel cannot be broken up *sob*

Platoon - The village scene, yuck!

What TV Scenes Always Make you Choke Up

M*A*S*H - Various scenes, but the worst was when Henry Blake died

2) Sport - Does this count? When I watch my teams on TV, I usually get depressed, especially when Reggie Miller retired without winning a title, the New Zealand Warriors lost the Grand Final and QPR were relegated from the Premier League

The Office - When Brent tried to beg for his job back

Blakes 7 - The end when Avon was finally killed

5) Survivor All Stars - When that damn Boston Rob made the final two. I hate him!

Well there's some to go with.

I tag Ori, Minty, Deepa, KS and Sewing. Anyone else let me know and I am sure I can invite you too!

San Nakji for President!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


한국 작가중에 최서해가 좋다. 왠지 잘 표현을 못 하는데 최서해의 삶이 재미 있다. 멋 있게 살았고 빨리 죽었고. 마치 옛날 짐.모리썬 같군요.


"나는 지금 내가 살아 있는 이 세상 사람과는 정반대의 길을 걷고 있다. 어떠한 뜻을 가지고 그렇게 걷는 것이 아니라 어찌구려 그렇게 걸어진 것이다. 그런 것이 한 성벽이 되고 주의가 되어서 상년 봄부터는 뜻을 가지고 세상과 정반대의 길을 걷는다. 이 것이 나에게 행복이 될는지 또는 불행이 될는지 그것은 내가 괘념하는 바가 아니다. 나는 다만 내가 걷고자 하는 그 길을 못 걸을까 보아서 걱정 뿐이다.
이 세상 사람이야 비웃거나 깔보거나 그것은 내 알 바가 아니다. 나는 다만 '참인간'의 '참생활'이란 목표 아래서 내가 옳는다고 믿는 것이면 고기가 찢기고 뼈가 부스러져서 피투성이가 되더라도 해보려고 한다."

읽으면 읽을 수록 마치 김승옥 작가와 비슷하다고 생각 하게 된다.

대통령으로 산낙지를!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Exiled by the Rebel Alliance...

Sent to earth to do who knows what?

Sorry, it's a Friday and I'm bored!

San Nakji for President!

Face of Doom or Noddy of Doom?

Another creepy pic from Space Nakji..

What the hell is that on his head?

The day is coming.... The clouds predict this!

San Nakji for President!

Weekly Animal Pic - Mara

This weeks animal is the wacky looking Mara or Patagonian Cavy. I first noticed a couple of these at our local zoo. I couldn't figure out exactly what the heck this was, it looks kind of like an enormous rabbit. It is a fascinating creature to watch...

For the record, the Mara can be found in South America and eats grass... yuck!

San Nakji for President!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I generally try to blog once a day during the week and then leave weekends for Mrs San Nakji. This week is the first of six away from the office and due to demands beyond my control, I am finding it hard to get to the computer. To top it all off, I am suffering from blogger's block, which means I have no idea what the hell I should write! I know you hang on my every word, so I hate to disappoint.... Hopefully, something later today.

One thing I noticed in the newspaper yesterday which I thought was pretty wacky was a new beverage they are about to start selling in Japan. It is called Kid's Beer and goes with the slogan, Even Kids Cannot Stand Life if they Don't Have a Drink.... Alcohol free beer with the all the taste... what the hell?

San Nakji for President!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Curse of Being Tasty

Ori told me about this cute guy, the Javalina, which lives down her way in El Paso Texas. Being a lover of animals, (bet you didn't know that!) San Nakji was of course interested. It saddens me however that when I look at him or perhaps her, that I cannot help but wonder what Javalina bacon tastes like... I think this must be some kind of joke played by nature, making pigs taste so great. What does nature have against pigs? I mean they are pretty intelligent creatures and are generally pleasant in nature. I would doubt they have done anything wrong, but still they are under the curse of being tasty... How many more pigs, javalina, boar must die because of nature's curse? It just isn't fair, but I will console myself now with some nice mid eye bacon...

San Nakji for President!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Lest we forget

With attention turning to Kashmir, we should not forget Guatemala smashed by cyclone Stan. Mudslides have poured down onto villages burying hundreds if not thousands of people. These days it seems everywhere we turn there is another disaster. It is important to remember that all life is important and that we must do everything we can to help all those so badly affected. Please think of these people, it is the least we can do, the very least.

San Nakji for President!

한국말로 블로그

우주낙지씨가 한국말로 쓰신 포스트를 보니까 나도 한 번 써 볼까 생각했다. 물론 우주낙지씨같은 잘 쓰시는 재주가 없긴 한데 그래도 한 번이라도 써 보면 괜찮겠지.
요즘 한국말의 순결에 대해서 생각을 많이 한다. 시간이 지나면서 한국말에 외래어 外來語가 많이 들어온다. 어떨때는 외래어 사용이 아무 문제도 없고 어떨때는 적당한 순한국 단어가 있는데도 불구하고 불필요한 외래어를 쓸 때도 있다. 문제 없을 때란 나라 이름, 외국 음식등인데 불필요한 외래어는 훨씬 더 많다.
나는 최근에 KBS를 많이 본다. 보면 볼 수록 아무리 생각을 해도 한국말이 점점 살아진는 것 같다. 요즘 '못 생겼다' 대신에 '어글리하다 (ugly)'를 사용하는 사람이 많다. '지나치게 사용하다' 대신에 '오버하다'(overdo) 그리고 '씨'나 '양' 대신에 '미스'(miss)를 사용하는 사람도 있다. 게다가 인사로 '좋은 아침'이라고 하는 것이 어색하다. 마치 서양식 인사같다. 원래 한국 사람들이 그런 식으로 인사를 하지 않는다. 게을러서 그런 외래어를 사용하는 지 패션 때문에 사용하는 지 모르겠지만 나한테는 아까운 것이다. 한국말이 정말로 아름다운 언어다. 순한국말 단어가 충분히 있고 외래어 없이 잘 통할 수 있다. 계속 이렇게 되면 백년후에 한국말란 언어가 없을 지도 모른다. 대신에 어떤 이상한 영어 사투리가 한국 반도에서 씌게 될 수도 있다.
한국 사람과 한국말을 배우는 사람들이 외래어를 피하도록 했으면 하고 역사적으로 깊은 순한국말만 사용하기 바란다.

대통령으로 산낙지를!

Now with the Creepy Cow!

Egad! Seen right above my house. This is not a good sign..... But proves what I have been warning my loyal readers about all these weeks...

Feel the power of the Cow of Doom!

San Nakji for President!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


I must say I am a little disappointed in the blog world, but not really surprised. Every blog I went to last month talked about the hurricanes in the southern states and with good reason. They were pretty horrific. However, 18 000 dead and counting in Kashmir and barely a ripple. It would be fair to say most blogsters are fairly West centric in their views and sadly this shows through in our media too... It takes at least 100 000 or so to get coverage I would say. An injured cat in London probably gets the same coverage as this disaster...

San Nakji for President!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Weekly Animal Pic - Emperor Penguin

This is a pretty cool pic. These enormous penguins live in their millions down there on the Antarctic. I heard there is a movie going around in the US at the moment about penguins. Apparently hard core right wingers are saying it proves 'family values' are natural.... Hey guys, they are just funny looking birds!

San Nakji for President!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Isn't this enough evidence?

This is more or less what I heard the bird say. Notice the creepy eye!

San Nakji for President!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Signs Continue

The snails, the worms and the face of doom... Now there is more evidence with a blackbird bathing outside my lounge window. He gave me the eye.... It is a sign I tell ya!

San Nakji for President!

This is beyond a joke

First it was Gilligan, then Maxwell Smart and now Arkwright... Is nothing sacred in this year of our lord 2005? One by one my favourite stars of comedy are dropping like flies.

Ronnie Barker died on October 3 at the age of 76. He was a comic genius in Britain and ever since I was a tiny furry San Nakji I watched all his shows. He is most famous for three roles. The first was as one Ronnie in the Two Ronnies. Along with Ronnie Corbett they starred in this show for 15 years. Some of the jokes were timeless and recent repeats had me in stitches. The second role was as Fletch in Porridge. This was a 'sitcom' of sorts following the life of Fletch and his time in prison. Many say this was his finest role. However I believe his third role, that of shopkeeper Arkwright, in Open All Hours was by far his best. It was amazing how he could command a whole episode virtually on his own. The humour was cutting and the storylines compelling. Open All Hours also marked the appearance for the first time of David Jason who would go on to star in another of my favourite shows, Only Fools and Horses. Please don't tell me he's next, please!!!

On a recent vote of Britain's all time best comedy show on the BBC. Porridge was ranked #7 and Open All Hours was #8. Number 1 went to Only Fools and Horses.

Even though Ronnie had been retired for a number of years now, the fact that someone of his greatness is no longer in this world makes things just a little more sad.

I hereby request no more deaths in the comedy world this year (at least!). Please Mr Death, sort out politicians, their numbers need to be thinned!

San Nakji for President!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tagging Oh Tagging!

A quick tag from my friend Ori over at Sometimes it seems, if I just dream. The question is, "What Songs Am I Loving Right Now?" Well, without further ado....

1) DARE - Gorillaz : This song is just so darn catchy and the video is weird enough to keep my attention!

2) Fido, Your Leash is Too Long - The Magnetic Fields : Very very weird, but again quite catchy and I find myself humming it in the weirdest places....

3) Fix You - Coldplay : Chris Martin is a genius with these kinds of songs!

4) Mr Bobby - Manu Chau : I love the *ping*!

5) Creep - Radiohead : My all time favouritest song. Recently butchered by that blonde Creed wannabe on Rock Star: INXS. Someone please kill him! I have listened to this song on loop for many hours on end...sad, but true...

So it's as easy as that...! I would like to tag, Space Nakji, Minty AKA I Eat Babies, Seoul Brother, Deepa and Nick (although he has vanished recently...) That's five people, everyone else on my blog list can be tagged if they would like too!

San Nakji for President!

Wallace and Gromit

In the weekend I went with the TOLS (Those of Little Significance) to see Wallace and Gomit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. San Nakji was a big fan of the first run of short films and so I have been anxiously waiting the coming of this movie. In the interim there was that Chicken Run movie, but without Wallace, what was the point of it? Mel Gibson is no Peter Sallis and I don't even remember any of the other characters...
As I have said, this version is the original. Another is coming out for the Americans corrected to their ear. What that means exactly, I don't know. I tried to listen for words that I thought Americans wouldn't understand, but in the end I was enjoying the film so much, I forgot... Maybe we are lucky here in Aotearoa that we produce virtually no films and tv shows, meaning that we never have problems with other accents in the world as that is all we ever hear in our media!

The movie itself was great. Wallace was his bumbling best and Gromit had to do everything in his power to save him from the Were-Rabbit! I just can't get over how clever the claymation is. No matter how advanced animation gets, I think there will always be a place for this art form. I heard somewhere, true or not I don't know, that it takes a whole day to make one second of claymation! No wonder this film took so long to make. Hopefully this isn't the last... hopefully! Make sure you get out and support this film so it isn't, ok?

San Nakji for President!

Pirate Penguins

Arrrrr me hearty! Squawk! (Or whatever penguins do...)

San Nakji for President!

All signs point to something bad...

So what's up with Space Nakji's photos? Again she publishes one with the face of doom... This is freaking me out!!!!

San Nakji for President!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Snails #2

Further to last weeks post on the snails, I have done some further investigating. The snails I have interviewed will not comment, even with the threat of a sharp boot to the shell.
What I found last night as I made my way from the local football ground was a huge amount of worms. Yes, worms are now out and about and obviously plotting with the snails. No amount of coercion would get the worms to talk...
Are all the slimy creatures of the world in on this creepy face of doom? Why won't they tell us?
Again, this will be continued, I will not give up until I find the truth!

San Nakji for President!

Tapir it away...

By request from Seoul Brother... I always do requests!

San Nakji for President!