Saturday, October 27, 2007


The weather's fine. We are having a great time. Korea changes every time we come here. Which is good, because we fear change. Wait, I don't think that's right.

Oh My Chicken!

San Nakji for President!


Cergie said...

Oh ! My god ! Dear San Nakji, you will never change
What do you mean
Korea will ever change and that's great because you are afraid because Korea ever changes ?

(My son Etienne is in a plane to Sydney-Australia just now)

rubyslipperlady said...

Oh my chicken.

That's going to be my new catch phrase.

btw: is it tastey?

Oricon Ailin said...

Well, I'm guessing they served chicken...*winks* But, was the food good? I love chicken! That will be a great new catch phrase.

"Oh My Chicken!"