Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Absolut Nyböjare

, originally uploaded by Mr San.
I was about to write about relationships and people that I love, but I had a sudden mind blank and deleted what I wrote. It made no sense and maybe that's the reality of relationships. 

Who knows why we love the people we love?

I love the connection with someone. I love when we are thinking the same thing. I love wanting to love that person and I love being loved back. 

For much of my life, I have loved without loving back. I loved in secret.  It is safer that way. You know where you stand. 

Safe does not make things good. Safe is a hollow way of living.

Sometimes putting yourself out there is going to really hurt. It will be the worst thing in the world. But when it works, there's nothing like it. 

What's my point? Who knows?

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Cergie said...

On n'est pas obligé d'être aimé en retour mais cela aide et fait plaisir....