Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sunny Day

Well, another day another blog. So far I am keeping it up, although I doubt anyone is reading this! At least it gives a chance to vent on things that I am thinking about and I can read back in years to come to find out what I was up to. The first blog I ever saw was which is really interesting. I hadn't read it for a while and looking at it just now, I see that they stopped writing last July. It was interesting because it was about life in Georgia, not the state, but the country, just east of Turkey. I kind of fell in love with the country after seeing their written language which is beautiful. I did a quick google search and if you look at you will see what I mean. I love languages with their own Alphabets and although I am keen on learning all languages, the "funny alphabets" are the ones I really like! Anyway, have a look at the blog and look through the archive, the writer lived in Georgia at a really interesting time. From all accounts, Georgia is a beautiful country with great food. However it is plagued with problems like all former Soviet states, but eventually I am sure they will sort it out. I hope so anyway.

As I write this I am trying to get on the Sumo Forum site, but no luck. I need my fill of Sumo talk today and so this is just not acceptable! Last night Kasugaoo, my Korean wrestler, lost again and it looks like he is now destined to drop to the Juryo division (2nd division), which means I won't be able to see him on TV for the next tournament. Asashoryu, the Mongolian Yokozuna (the highest rank) continued his domination and has now won 25 matches in a row. Since I started watching Sumo in January, I have not seen him lose a match. Maybe I am good luck for him? I have followed Sumo for years, but I have only had Japanese satellite TV since January, in case you were wondering.

My rugby league team is playing this weekend and I will be going. They played so well last weekend against one of the top rated teams, which was in complete contrast from the first week of the season where they were totally outplayed. This weekend they are playing the Cowboys, who are coming off a great win over the defending champions, so I am quite worried. Hopefully they will play with the spirit they had last week and everything will be fine. Fingers crossed! It is unfortunately true that all the sports teams I support never win anything, so maybe I have cursed my team by my support...

San Nakji for President!

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