Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Where's Her Head At?

So I am watching Oprah and she is talking about America's poor. Apparently there are 37 million people on the poverty line out there. That kind of sucks. However what urked me about Oprah was that she visited a place about 100kms from Chicago where most houses don't even have running water. She said it was terrible and then she left... That was it. Here is a woman who is more than happy to give a bunch of greedy white girls some free cars, but she won't give these people $1000 to hook up to the water supply... What the hell?

San Nakji for President!


Brotha Buck said...

Lol, thats an eye opening way to look at it!

Anonymous said...

i sense you are quite offended.

Ashley said...

So true.

Of course, our tax system is horrible. There is no incentive to do good with one's $$$. Together, my hubby and I make a very decent income but a third is taken by the government. The tax deductions for charity are miniscule. I am better off having 10 kids. (well, not really...)

Where does a third of my income go?

To fight wars.

To pay greedy politicians.

If I could have that third of my income back, I would be able to do something responsible with part of it.

I wonder what O pays in taxes..? Hmmm..

Friar Tuck said...

ahhhh yes.....this is why I do not consider myself a liberal. Lots of talk about helping folks and not much action. Instead of personal compassion and responsibility...blame the gvt

black feline said...

i think she might dipped into her Angels''s so unlike her to walk away like that...quite impossible.

Crystal said...

Oprah does actually give a lot to the poor even here in the U.S., and she has teamed up with Bill Gates to do something about the high school drop-out rates in the U.S. (nearly 30% of young people don't graudate high school). Just because "she left" doesn't mean she didn't later do something to help these people, but truth be told solving poverty goes deeper than just doling out cash. Empowerment is so important in providing long term solutions.