Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cat in Tree

I call this masterpiece Cat In Tree. Can you guess why?

San Nakji for President!


Ashley said...

Can I get a limited edition, signed and numbered copy of Cat in Tree?

Anonymous said...

Probably because it is a cat in a tree.

Failing that, it could be a cat in a situation of life or death for the person who comes to rescue her.

San Nakji said...

You may Ashley :O)

Marguerite said...

I'm surrounded by cats, San Nakji; my favorite is Muchu the Lord Tiger, cat of my neighbous in front of my house. But my neighbours at the back side of my garden have a cat which not only climbs in trees but also is abble to go down by its own quite quickly.

But my garden is a terrible battlefield, and for the moment Muchu is always the winner.

Does this cat belong to you ?
It seems very well feed, I think it needs to be on a diet, or perhaps is it "in between after a small operation" ?
Ehehe !

PS: that's me, Cergie, I'm lazy this morning, I prefer not change my identity for the moment.

Cergie said...

Your tree is old and ill. Time to cut it and plant another one in the hole.

Tree specialist has spoken. Hugh !
Here in Cergy, it is 1,10 PM.

Brotha Buck said...

Now thats a familiar animal you have up today. They're seen as rats here in Texas. Literally, they are wild, and spread disease, and people are causing problems because they feed them.

mademoiselle P said...

LOL.. a beautiful cat

Cergie said...

Hélas ! Poor San Nakji ! Poor tree and cat lover !
Cat lives only, maybe 15 years, Human until 125 (but what interest to remain alone without father, mother, brother, wife, children)
Dog: 10 -> 18
Pear tree -> 200
Apricot -> 20-30
Peach -> 25-30
Plum -> 40-50
0live -> 2000 ( at a moment no more olive)
You MUST cut that tree and plant another one, so it will give you an young beautiful tree and beautiful fruits (but you must wait a few time for that last point).

But it's too late for this year, you must wait autumn now !

I'll soon, or rather my husband will soon do firewood with our mirabelle plum tree.

Oricon Ailin said...

Nice picture. I'm not one for cats...I'm allergic. Many are very beautiful, but I'll only admire them in pictures.

I'm quite impressed with your original title. I really had to rely on my imagination to "see" the subject of the artwork. But, in the end, I got it. I love "abstract" art. *WINKS* hehehehe

Hope you are having a great day!

Luv ya!

Tim Rice said...

Lovely cat

black feline said...

Manju, Manchu and this beautiful feline will make a perfect threesome...is it yours?