Monday, March 19, 2007

Mr Mugabe, what are you up to?

A New Zealand Ponga
Aotearoa's national plant
Green is good
Old friends came to visit
It makes me smile
I must blog more
I am just too too lazy
Woah is me

San Nakji for President!


Ashley said...

I had never heard of a ponga before....

Cergie said...

I did some research / Cyathea dealbata
That's a good idea haven given to us the Wikipekia-link
I like fern I have some in my garden however not so huge
Your sky is so blue It's giving joy and happiness
You know that on the 21rst of March day and night will have the same length The same length in NZ than in Europe

Thank you for visiting my Marguerite's garden to day
It's the first time
I had during a very long time a link to your blog there, I'll put it again
Not many people come and visit me there I believe that it is not very interresting... Never mind ! I do it also for me and I like to take flowers pictures

Keshi said...

Ponga looks fab! Its like Waratah for Aussies is it?


San Nakji said...

I don't know Keshi. I don't think a waratah is the Australian national plant?

Keshi said...

I know that the Warath is Aus's national flower...Im not sure abt the national plant tho :)


San Nakji said...

According to what I read the national flower is the Golden Wattle...

Fahd Mirza said...

Ponga is flowerless and seedless, but its beauty is no less than any flower-rich tree.

Oricon Ailin said...

That is a cool looking tree!!!

rubyslipperlady said...

Woa is you, woa is me. blogging seems to take a backseat more often than I'd like.

Anonymous said...

National trees are fun. They fill me with national pride.