Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hello Cliffside Park!

A great function that Google is now offering is Google Analytics. Maybe everyone already knows about this? I can't deny the fact that I am always last on the scene when it comes to this new fangled internet thingy. Anyway, thanks to Seoul Man for putting me on to it. It allows me to see where my visitors are coming from. Thanks to my recent visitors from South Africa, Nigeria and Concepcion I am now only waiting on a visitor from Antarctica to complete my continent set. By far the most visitors come from USA. Thank you my American friends. USA! USA! USA! For some weird reason the most numerous visits are from Cliffside Park, New Jersey. How interesting! If you are the person who keeps visiting from Cliffside Park, please let me know. I am intrigued. I can't imagine you are my sister-in-law's family (who live in New Jersey). Who the heck are ya?

It's also good for seeing how your site is accessed via search engines. This website has been found by searching for "i was deported", "policeman electrodes to nipples", "kumara 42 talk show bbc" and "deaf blogs in nz from photos" (among others). What fun!

San Nakji for President!


Ashley said...

Is that a sugar wafer you were eating?

Cergie said...

Don't you have that famous counter, "site metter" ? It can telle you all what you want to know
I have plenty visitors sometimes coming from China. All at the same time
I'm on the new blogger you know and when I add whazt we call in French des libellés on each old posts I'm publishing much during a longtimeIt the reason why at that moment I've lots of visitors
However I must be honnest and recognize that most often they never catch more than a glimpse !

What is that picture about ?
Is it a chicken neck ?

Que représente cette photo ?
Serait ce un cou de poulet ?


Libby said...

Go USA! Woo hoo!

San Nakji for president!

Oricon Ailin said...


Umm, what is that you're eating. It looks like something I'm not allowed to eat, so naturally it intrigues me.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could even TELL where my people were coming from.

Jon Allen said...

glad to be of service.