Monday, April 23, 2007

The hardest thing, the photo

A great week ahead for the San
Today my favouritest band released their new album
Tomorrow Heroes starts again
Wednesday is a holiday
The weather is beautiful
And I am on new blogger


San Nakji for President!


Oricon Ailin said...

Ahhhh, such beautiful purple flowers. I like!!! hehehe

Hope you are well. Tonight is going to be tough. Dancing with the Stars AND Heroes is on at the same time!! Thank God for DVR!! I can record both shows at the same time. hehehe

But, since I am confined to a chair or my bed, with a sprained ankle, I guess it ain't all that bad. I guess I'll just have to *suffer* through both shows! LOL *winks*

Cergie said...

Is Wednesday a holiday like in australia in memory of veterans ?
Is it like veteran day ?
You are on new blogger is not something new

You make beautiful flower picture and that is something new...
These flowers make me remember the movie of stephen spielberg in French : la couleur pourpre
There were fields of these flowers at the beginning of this movie

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

And Claire is an indestructible cheerleader!

Keshi said...

wut a beautiful color!


Cergie said...

Beautiful the back ground invisible / the neat flowers

(I must comment the picture without reading the message. It allows another look)

rubyslipperlady said...

I hope I can come up with some awesome photos as good as yours, San.

Have a great night of TV, or has it already passed? I only really know when Gray's is on. Thursday at 8pm. yea!

david santos said...

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David Cho said...

Is that the Korean national flower? Moo Goong Wha?

black feline said...

who is your fav character in HEROES?