Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More of the Same

A bit of red for you too
Red and Green which one to choose?
Green I choose you!
Go Green go!
What the hell am I talking about?
Two days of 4 hours sleep is the answer!

San Nakji for President!


Cergie said...

Where are the toilets in this restaurant ?
You know how chili are hot and it is not a good idea to eat to much It's perhaps for that reason you did not have a good sleep

So the answer is : less chili now

San Nakji, let me telle you : you picture are beatifuller day after day, nevertheless they are spoiled because of this too too awful toy you use to add in a corner of them
This toy is so pretty as profile but is not necessary on your photographs

Just find a little sign it will be enough

PS : are you still unwanted for new blogger ?
You will be the last !
Ahahah !

Oricon Ailin said...

Red chile is really good too!!! I like it for enchiladas. My favor are red chile, beef and cheese enchiladas. We make homemade enchilada sauce from red chiles.

Oh...and chile colorado con carne is awesome!! Yum yum!!!

Anonymous said...

That is some good colour contrast. I especially like how the red chilli is 'trapped' inside the circle.

San Nakji said...


I am sorry, but the little guy stays!

Brotha Buck said...

Oh, none for me. Burns going in. And out.

Libby said...

This sends a good message for all the children, with the red and green chillis living together in pepper harmony.

Look to the peppers!

Keshi said...

I love chillies and sometimes I eat em raw :)


San Nakji said...

Me too! Yummy!

black feline said...

grenn chillis is milder than the red one...the mexican jalapeno is also a knock out!