Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'll Give You 40 Seconds

A rainy Winter's day
It's not cold, it's nice
The problem with Winter is
We don't get any holidays
That seems pretty unfair
I shall start my protest

San Nakji for President!


rubyslipperlady said...

A big Happy Canada Day to ya, eh!

I'm up in the Great White North and the celebration has begun. OK, so I have no idea if any celebrating has started because I'm in a dorm room on my laptop. I'm up here for training, going well, by the way.

Hope to see fireworks tomorrow night since I'll be here for USA's Independence Day and won't see them then.

Cergie said...

Pretty, pretty picture
Good colors, good framing good compo good subject
And so funny !!!!

Winter is coming ? What a pitty ! Everybody needs to put a "Jacket" !

In Winter we have in the North Christmas Holliday

I've hollidays now and will no more have a PC connnection

SO. See you soon, dear friend




Ashley said...

We get a holiday on Wednesday. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Nice photo; what is it of?