Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Post for Cergie

Cergie is France's No.1 Ambassador
Showing France through the lense
In all its' colour
In all its' history
In all its' beauty
France is not just about snails!
Although they are quite tasty :)

This is a French port somewhere in France
I forget where it is
But it's not my photo
It's Cergie's
Please ask her!

I like the buildings

They look old
Old is good in buildings
Bad in soup

San Nakji for President!


Cergie said...

How do you do to have it moving such if it was on the sea ?

Beautiful poem, indeed !
Better than usual, I find (only because longer)

(To morrow, I hope you will post something else than ridiculous snails. Happily, it is the week end ! I may be quiet.)

In that part of France, Le Croisic in Brittany, we have wonderfully tasty wheat crepes filled with what you want, rather something sweet as sugar, honey, marmelade, chocolate, caramel; and good bucweat pancakes filled with ham, saussage, cheese, eggs and so on, covered with salted butter
And as drink bottled cider

Don't forget lobsters, crabs, langoustines ,all fresh fishes for Mrs San Nakji

No soup.
Or rather fish soup. Yummy.

Brittany is a Celtic country, don't forget that too
Celtic music...

Beautifully noisy

Oricon Ailin said...

What a lovely picture!! I like the buildings too. Yes, they look old, but they sure are nice.

And Cergie, I LOVE Celtic music...I am of Scottish and Irish descent. *smiles*

black feline said...

u r right..Madame Cergie will certainly do a great job for France's tourism...and those interesting photos..u will also do likewise for NZ and Korea...