Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday - Ah, Monday!

I can't really think of anything to blog about. Just one of those days I guess. Mrs San Nakji and I went and saw King Kong (finally) yesterday. As a New Zealander we are obliged to see all Peter Jackson movies or our citizenship is revoked. This includes all his really early films. I have to recommend Braindead which is pretty damn funny.
Anyway, we went to King Kong and I think it was pretty good. The ending seemed a bit weak, but I think the original finished the same way. The island bit is by far the best part. The dinosaur stampede and the bug scene are hillarious! In New York, Kong is chained up in a theatre for everyone to see. Well, that theatre is located near where I live. I first saw Star Wars there many years ago... Ahh, memories! It looked wonderful in the movie!
The movie is a bit long, but I think you will enjoy it. Go out and have a look.

To finish, here's a picture of a vent,

San Nakji for President!


Fahd Mirza said...

King Kong is my all time favourite with The Mask.

The Archivist said...

I don't get the vent part.

black feline said...

yes King Kong is quite good..though still fall short of his LOTR trilogy...that's a masterpiece. In King u remember the classic statement made by the unscrupulous director to the young starlet...trying to lure her on the trip? "Imagine your entire life is a prelude to THIS MOMENT!" Wow..very profound!

San Nakji said...

Sorry I was too busy watching the DINOSAURS! ;o)

Oricon Ailin said...

I still haven't seen the movie. I'm hoping soon. I'll probably end up seeing it once it comes out on DVD at the rate I'm going. hehehe

Nice pic of the vent.