Sunday, January 01, 2006

Year in Review Part 2

So yesterday's post was kind of serious where I talked about world events and personal events and the like. I was talking to Kira's Slave about top movies of the year and it was funny because we could barely remember what movies were on this year. It got me thinking about top movies, books, tv shows, music... So as the New Year is a time for lists, here is another one. Please remember this is my own opinion, and while my opinion is held in high regard here at San Nakji's World, it is still an opinion and not always (although usually) fact.

Top Movies of 2005

1 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Johnnie Depp (or however you spell it) is a brilliant actor. He never fails to impress me with the kinds of roles he chooses. He was creepy in this one. Creepily brilliant. The movie was faithful to the book and I loved it!

2 - Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were Rabbit

Claymation amazes me. It takes a whole day to make less than a minute of footage. The effort involved means there are so few people willing to take it on. I am so glad someone still does as this is a great film. It is funny on so many different levels and that is what makes a truly enduring comedy

3 - Batman Begins

If you don't count the 60s TV show which is really how Batman should be, then this is the next best thing. In 2 hours they managed to explain everything about Batman and how he came into being and it was almost believable. The effects were great and Gotham looked amazing. My only problem was the Scarecrow was a little lame... (not in a can't walk kind of way!)


1 - Extras

My favourite comedy of all time is The Office. Not the American one, but the original British one. Ricky Gervais really has a way about him which amuses me no end. I was sad when The Office finished after only 2 series and a special, but that's the way British comedy works. The old adage 'leave 'em wanting more' works here. Well here is more, Extras. Ricky stars as an extra on different film sets. He plays the same kind of loser character and every episode sees him working with a real life acting star, such as Samuel L Jackson, Ben Stiller or Kate Winslet. A Kate Winslet quote from the show is on the right under quotes... I really enjoyed this show.

2 - Family Guy

I love this show. It is so much more funny than the Simpsons, mainly I think because I love all the television references. I was sad when it was cancelled all those years ago, but thanks to DVD sales it has been revived and I am currently enjoying series 4.

3 - Rescue Me

This is how American drama should be. Due to the appearance of certain relative in-laws I have had to tape about a month of the show, but one day I will sit down and watch them I think Dennis Leary is great and this show is quirky in all the right places


1 - The Gorillaz - Demon Days

Not normally my kind of music, but the new Gorillaz album is amazing. It is so catchy and just so damn good!

2 - Cold Play - X&Y

Their third album took a few listens before I got into it. However I now strongly believe it is their best. Well worth a listen!


1 - Dining With Terrrorists - Phil Rees

I wrote about this in an earlier post. It is an interesting read as it gives an alternate point of view on 'terrorists', letting them talk for themselves. I recommend it to all.

2 - Pol Pot - Philip Short

It is often forgotten that over 1 million people died in Cambodia in 5 short years. This biography tells the life of Pol Pot and tries to explain what happened in those terrible days. A sobering read

Well, there's a few things there to start the year. Once again Happy New Year, especially to all my new readers, nice to see you there!

San Nakji for President!


Darin said...

Batman Begins was a great movie!
I like that it presents the question about who's worse, the original criminal, or the one trying to bring what he/she believes to be justice.

San Nakji said...

I think the original criminal is definitely worse.

The Archivist said...

I still can't remember what movies I saw last year.

Oricon Ailin said...

I agree with your list of movies. Although, I would also add Harry Potter. But that's just me. *winks*

And being that I haven't seen Narnia or King Kong yet, I can't rank them. Maybe they'll go on this year's list instead.

coolbuddha said...

Batman, W & Grommit and F. Guy - all BIG yeses. I'll give the Pol Pot book a try, sounds interesting.

kimcheemonster said...

The problem that I had with Batman Begins is that Batman drugged that guy. I thought that was out of character. I saw the movie at Grumman's Chinese theatre in Hollywood, so that made it special for me.

black feline said...

Charlie was a scream..I love all things by Johnny Depp..excellent actor!