Monday, May 14, 2007

Emirates Team New Zealand or the Evil(ish) empire?

I hope the weekend treated you all well
For me, it was good and yet not so
My football team went down again
I cursed them but will be back next week
Like the masochist I am
I went to a duck pond yesterday
Ducks soothe the soul
Swans on the other hand are too agressive
And don't get me started on the seagull
Full of hot air!
I saw a show on Korean TV last night
An old lady had a pigeon friend
Who could not fly
The pigeon, not the old lady
It was sad

San Nakji for President!


Marguerite said...

Dear SN you ever do me so happytoo with your posts
So beautiful thoughs, so deep
I believe deep as the Loch Ness
So you took this picture recently and it is an OAK tree !
There are oaks in NZ what a beautiful country !
Perhaps the pigeon had his wings (=ailes)clipped(the feathers) A French expression says : "rogner (= to clip) les ailes"

Have a good night SN, before having a good Tuesday...

Marguerite said...

I can see that these leaves are becoming yellow....

Anonymous said...

Pigeon, seagul, swan, duck, HMMMM !
Edible post !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. I am glad that you enjoyed Korean TV.

David Cho said...

Football? As in soccer?

Dude, that is so sissy. Real men play American football :)

Oricon Ailin said...

I love ponds and stuff. We don't have many around here. It's the desert you know. hehehe

Nice picture, SN.