Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Father Christmas is my Rock

The Korean word for butterfly is Nabi
In Spanish it is Mariposa
How similar these names are
Similar like mud and ice cream
My mind tends to go at times like this
Would you like to hear a song about butterflies?
So would I...

San Nakji for President!


Marguerite said...

You know what ? Nabi is a painting movement
Maybe "Nabi" in that case came from Korean...
I like this butterfly it looks like wearing a pretty hand embroidered dress

Cergie said...

Here is a song my father learned to us when we were kids
He was the inventor of this song

"Ouin, ouin, ouin,
Charmant papillon,
Petite abeille bourdonne
Dans les bois et les prairies
Ouin, ouin, ouin
charmant papillon..."

"Ouin, ouin, ouin,
Lovely butterfly,
Little bee is buzzing
In woods and meadows
Ouin, ouin, ouin
Lovely butterfly..."

black feline said...

i remember this one :

Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle...father and daugther relationship...extremely popular for weddings!

Anonymous said...

Try Butterfly by Delta Goodrem. Fantastic song.

rubyslipperlady said...

I thought the butterfly looked like a hand-knit dress, too. It looks better on the butterfly than on me though.

Brotha Buck said...

Once again, you post very refreshing photos. Nery...very nice.

Anonymous said...

How I like the fact you are not so insane :"bugs, insanity, song" !
Exactly three true reasons to come and read your blog
This plant is growing inside in France, because the weather is to cold (I'm not interested at all with the bug : I'm a vegetarian wolf)

Anonymous said...

In Yougoslavia, women handknits and wears their dresses and because they are all looking as model (fair haired, high and thin, long, long legs)it's very smart

Oricon Ailin said...

Simply gorgeous. *smiles*