Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Secret of the Shadow

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Feel the Fear
The Secret of the Shadow
The Breakthrough Experience
Living the 7 Habits
The Success Principle
You Can Heal Your Life
The Master Key System

As I looked through the self-help books, these were the kinds of titles I saw. It strikes me that it is all about the title. Look beyond this, I can't really see why these people are qualified to tell me how to live my life. It's true that I am wondering that at the moment, but I believe more and more this lies in self-discovery, and not the messy kind.

I laughed as I saw that Donald Trump had a book out telling us how we could be rich. A man who comes from money... I think that's the general state of these people.

The Self-Help book industy must be worth a lot of money. Maybe our society, the 'Western' one, has been trained to believe that our lives need to be fixed. This is particularly apparent in the US if you watch things like Oprah or Dr Phil. People are lining up to talk about their problems and get solutions. A lot of times I wonder if these problems are really problems. And does anyone else need to know? Is it, in fact, a badge of honour to have a self-help book and show others that you are 'improving' yourself?

All I know is that I am taking a wide berth of that section of Borders from now on...


Cergie said...

Let me tell you first, I find much more difficult to manage being poor and despite of that happy

Secondly, I thought first when I saw your picture that the second San Naji, whom succeded the first one, and was during ages here, was back and made the third one looking like the first one running away...
Life may change, mind may change, and yet man will ever remind the same


Cergie said...

Isn't a NZ's snail ?