Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Post a Day #1

I told you it wasn't dead!

Starting from today, December 1 2009, I plan to blog a post a day for the whole month. This is over the holiday period, so I am pushing my luck, but I promised myself I would do it!

I have had a crazy time in the past year which has really affected my blogging. Lots of sadness, some happiness and all kinds of things. I have become lazy through facebook, twitter and plurk and I'm sure this affected blogging too.

Of course, on my first day I have nothing to blog about whatsoever. Thanks so much to Cergie for supporting my comatose blog. Hopefully I can repay your faith in me?

I have been learning French for just under a year, so maybe I'll post in French one of these days?

Thanks to Sarah and Francisca for reminding me of my blog!

Ok, that's number 1 down...

See you tomorrow!


Cergie said...

Happily you speak and understand French now : I have no more English speaking visitors (where are you Tim, Heather, BF, SN ?). So, I no more write my posts in English.

Heureux retour au monde du blog !

Ashley said...

Good to see you blogging again! I have been quite inactive, too for similar reasons. Take care....