Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Post a Day #3

I stayed in Malaysia for a while. I was living with a friend and his family. They were kind of strange, but they were essentially good people. My friend's cousin came to stay while I was there and he was the same. I can't remember the exact details, but the cousin had a big wad of cash. I can't seem to remember why.

Well, one day he came rushing down the stairs yelling that his money was gone. Me and my friend went up stairs to see what he was talking about. Sure enough, the money wasn't where he had put it. We started searching around but we couldn't see it anywhere. My bag was sitting in the corner of the room and I thought to look in it. There was the money. I was shocked. I couldn't understand why it would be there. I took it out and handed it to the cousin. Who immediately started accusing me of having stolen the money and now feeling guilty trying to make amends. I can tell you, my faithful blog readers, that with hand on heart I never took that money. I looked to my friend for support and he told me that if I had needed money, I only had to ask him. I was shocked that even he wouldn't believe me.

It is the worst feeling in the world to not be trusted by those close to you. I could tell that no matter what I did he wasn't going to believe my side. I packed my stuff and the next day I left for Singapore. That was pretty much the end of our friendship. I suppose it shows that he wasn't a true friend at all. Or maybe it proves the old saying "blood is thicker than water"? Either way, to me, there is nothing worse than being in that situation.

Sometimes when things go missing or accidents happen at work, I get flashbacks to that time and feel like someone may accuse me of whatever it is. It is just awful. I am a very honest guy and to have people not think that about you... Damn!


Cergie said...

I believe you and had once the same adventure, not exactly. My mother was very old and she said she lost much money... And did never know what about that if she was right or not. Sometilmes you cannot understand so the best is to forget as quick as possible. You have just to shake your head and the bad thoughts will go away...

Cergie said...

San Nakji, your English is much better than your French and my French better than my English however I can understand you and you can do the same with me.
Blogging is a good thing. It is much easier than twitter or facebook. And it allowed me to meet you and some other beautiful persons.
I can remember the story of your grand'father and the bicycle I read at Tim's blog.