Monday, June 20, 2005

5 Albums

Imagine if you will, being stuck on a desert island. You will be there a while, like those people off Lost, but unlike them you have a solar powered CD player. What five albums would you take with you? Obviously you know that you will be stranded on this island, otherwise how could you have your albums ready?
For me, I would take the following,
1 - Pablo Honey ~ Radiohead
2 - Siamese Dream ~ Smashing Pumpkins
3 - Absolution ~ Muse
4 - Razorblade Suitcase ~ Bush
5 - The Color and the Shape ~ Foo Fighters
If I were allowed another one, my game but playing by the rules, then I would choose The Best of Panic by Panic.
I could quite happily get by on these albums, although food, drink and shelter may help!
San Nakji for President!

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