Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A New Zealand Quirk

It seems to be a New Zealand hobby, although Australia is quite keen too, to name your sports teams. Many people know that the New Zealand rugby team is better known by the name the All Blacks. Why? Because they wear all black uniforms, simple really. However, did you know that our football / soccer team is called the All Whites? Again because they wear all white uniforms. Our rugby league team is called the Kiwis and our netball team is call the Silver Ferns. Other NZ sports teams are following this model, using either black, kiwi or fern in their name. Our women’s rugby league team is the Black Ferns, our women’s rugby league team is the Kiwi Ferns and our women’s hockey team is the Black Sticks. Confusingly enough our Men’s hockey team is also called the Black Sticks. That’s field hockey, our Ice Hockey team is called the Ice Blacks…

So, as you can see we take great joy in naming our teams. Maybe it’s because the country name New Zealand is just too long? My favourite one though, has to be our men’s basketball team. They are known as the Tall Blacks. Just like our rugby team, the All Blacks, only a little taller! There is a new one on the scene, one that is causing all kinds of talk. It is the men’s badminton team. They are calling themselves the…… Black Cocks!

San Nakji for President!

** Sorry, now that I look at my post, I see it is a little unclear. While other countries have teams like the Geelong Cats, the Green Bay Packers and Kashima Antlers; what I mean is that we name our national teams... **


Oricon Ailin said...

All of our team sports here in the US have names. Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Lakers.

Even the high school teams have names too.

So, that is pretty common here in the States.

San Nakji said...

We have that too, but you don't name your National Teams right?