Friday, June 17, 2005

Racist Fool

So just a little thing, to show people not from this country of mine how stupid our right wing politicians can be. The man in questions is the leader of the insidiously named party, New Zealand First and has as his platform the reduction of "Asians" in New Zealand. It is a shame that this idiot is not quite sure where Asia is. How will he clear them out? This came from a TV show he was on last month,

SIMON Why do the scandals that you’re uncovering seem to be solely Asian?

WINSTON Well I didn’t know that Iraq was in Asia. You see Asia stops in Turkey, most politicians don’t understand that either.

Yup, he is an idiot and a bigot. Unfortunately the redneck percentage in this country continues to climb and I fear for my offspring. I am currently involved in a complaint against a major company, not just here, but world wide. I was in a southern store of this company last week and was subjected to racial abuse against Koreans. These bigots think that people will just take this and leave. Well I left, but have contacted the head office and demanded this man be fired. Failing that I will press charges with the police. One good thing about living here is that we have a comprehensive human rights' bill which sorts out fools like this man.

People, please fight the bigots in your part of the world. They may not be targeting you, but once they are done with one minority, it will only a matter of time before they figure out how to get at your family and your friends!

San Nakji for President!

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