Monday, July 10, 2006

Now THIS is real news!

This passes for news in Aotearoa New Zealand....

"An escapee who had spent almost a month on the run, eating the finest food and frolicking in clear public sight on the beach of one of New Zealand's swankiest suburbs has been recaptured by desperate authorities.

Jin, a short-clawed Asiatic otter which escaped from Auckland Zoo on June 13, was found in a trap on an island in the Hauraki Gulf -- part of the harbour that forms the eastern sea entrance to New Zealand's largest city.

The otter was sighted by a sailor on Sunday and extra food was laid out for her around traps on islands in the Gulf. Zoo staff said she had been caught overnight.

"She is in pretty good shape. But obviously she will be a little worse for the wear for being out there," zoo spokeswoman Jane Healy told the New Zealand Press Association.

Jin was being taken back to the zoo for checks by a veterinarian, Healy said.

While on the run, Jin had captured the public's attention with almost daily media coverage on her continued evasion despite the best attentions of the zoo and New Zealand's Department of Conservation.

Jin and two other otters escaped from a new compound in the zoo last month. The other otters were caught but Jin was believed to have swum down a creek and into the harbour.

She crossed the harbour and made her way to the beachfront at Devonport, which is considered one of New Zealand's more well-heeled suburbs."

Not interested in rape or murder. World affairs? Who needs that? We have an otter to plaster all over our front pages!

San Nakji for President!


The Archivist said...

How come I never heard about this?

Cergie said...

Otter is a very pleasant mischievous animal. It swims on its back and broke shellfish with stone on its stomach. It's cuuute !
Why are you interested with murder or rape ? they arrive everyday but a runaway otter that is rare !!!
wc finished

Oricon Ailin said...

Now THAT is funny! That's the kind of news I wish I could hear. I'm tired of the rapes and murders.