Friday, July 21, 2006

Reports of San Nakji's Death Have Been Greatly Exagerated

'What will your obituary say?' at

Thanks Ashley!

San Nakji for President!


Belinda said...

thats crazy but i love it! how did you manage to find it?

rubyslipperlady said...

"Imploryingly whilst (I changed it to whilst) trying to recant, Amy died a tortured death.

"She will be missed by the Muppets."

This is funny. I grew up on the Muppets and in third grade had Kermit lunch box and book bag, etc. I was just talking about this yesterday! I hope I don't have anything to recant and that I'm not tortured at all, let alone to the death, but I'm glad that the Muppets will miss me.

I guess.

The Archivist said...

Very sad, San Nakji. *weeps*

Brotha Buck said...

Oh my gosh, for a second, my heart was beating really fast.

Ashley said...

wow -- an easy bake oven. harsh! I'll miss you, too!

Oricon Ailin said...

I'm so glad the rumor are untrue. I would be so sad without you around here.