Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cheomseongdae - Say that one three times fast!

One of my favourite buildings in all the world. So simple in it's construction and yet so magnificent... Cheomseongdae!

San Nakji for President!


Cergie said...

That's a nice building indeed and the light, the black background help to find it more beautiful
I thought first it was hudge, but actually it is not
The shape is really special, so feminine, maybe it is for that reason that it is so pretty

Etienne my son was at le stade de France on the last saturday I don't remember what he said to me
I can just remember that the all blacks sang there traditional haka without doing the gesture of keeping energy inside at the end because it might be misundertood
He did a new post on his blog about that, I'll telle him he must write some in English !


Cergie said...

Titi is the link to the blog of Etienne
(maybe I was misunderstood ?)

Anonymous said...

I would try to say it three times fast, but you provide no pronounciation guide.

However, ir is quite the good picture.

Jon Allen said...

An artist by the name of wonsukhan has created a replica of this, built out of car headlights.
It's on the Cheonggyecheon.
Since you are back in Korea I've uploaded a photo here :

Brotha Buck said...

Very cool observatory. Looks like a giant clay kiln.

black feline said...

frm 7th century...still in great shape..i suspect it's done by aliens...lol

coobuddha said...

Apologies if this comes out twice - still trying to work out this google beta thingy. I wondered what it was - thank you for the link. It looks like a cooling tower. Fab photos as always.