Thursday, November 23, 2006

Let us give thanks

Dear America,

Let me be the first to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all have enormous amounts to eat and have an extra helping of sweet potato pie for your old pal SN. In celebration I give you some world famous American exports. (well not famous in New Zealand, we don't have them!)

Love SN

Krispy Kreme (yummy!)

Cold Stone Creamery (even more yummy!)

Dear Canada,

Yes I know you have Thanksgiving too, but I always forget when it is. Two weeks ago or something right? Well, the only reason I knew it was America's day today was that someone was towing the Statue of Liberty down our harbour (I kid you not!)

Warmest Regards,


San Nakji for President!


Anonymous said...

Canada's Thanksgiving is in October.

And I love Krispy Kreme!

Cergie said...

Your readers must ever do all the job, san nakji

o I'll asked them: is it the moment to eat turkeys and corns ?

Oricon Ailin said...

*HUGS* Oh thank you, SN!! I know you aren't celebrating this weekend, but I will be including you and yours in my thanksgiving this weekend.

May you be blessed with love, joy and happiness, all the days through.

*SUPER HUGS!* and much love!


rubyslipperlady said...

towing the Statue of Liberty through the harbor? Where's the photo of THAT?!

rubyslipperlady said...

Oh, and I LOVE Krispy Kreme AND Cold Stone. yummy!