Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blogging Because I Can

I have been looking over a lot of blogs today and there are so many that contain just one post. People have these grandious ideas about posting but I think it takes real motivation to keep on doing it. So far, so good! It is interesting to read the sites which have more than one post. Some are very personal and I feel bad reading them, it feels like reading someone's diary or looking through their bedroom window. Others are less self-absorbed and talk about issues in the world that are important to them. There is another kind, the advertising blog. What are they all about? I am not quite sure why they exist. I suppose if at least one person clicks on a link there, the post was worth it? Anyway, with this blog I wasn't sure how I wanted it to go. My personal life is pretty much my personal life, so I hope I am keeping away from that. I even debated about including which country I was from, but in the end I decided that there was no point in hiding it as some of my points of view come from where I am, the last country on earth... I like to think that San Nakji is seen as someone with a wide ranging view who likes to make points on many issues. Some may find them boring, but hopefully if at least one person thinks about what was written, then like the advertising blogs, San Nakji has done well.
Three blogs I really like are (in no particular order), Oriconailin (I still can't remember this name and so have it bookmarked!), Follow that Mouse (love the mouse picture) and Space Nakji (well, we share a name after all!).
Oriconailin was kind enough to be the first person to leave a message on this blog. Reading her blog is, as I say above, sometimes like reading her personal diary. She is very honest and I think she tries to inspire through her words. I like reading it because she never seems down. Plus the purple is great! Now, San Nakji is a confirmed Athiest, but I appreciate Oriconailin as the kind of Christian all other Christians should aspire to. She seems to be very open to other ideas and I couldn't imagine her saying anything bad about anyone. On the negative side she is a fan of Orlando Bloom, who although a guest in this country for over a year, should be told the truth by his agent that he is eye candy who cannot act and should give up now for the sake of us all!
Mouse is a prolific blogger. Everyday he posts many different pieces of information about the things that he is interested in and issues of the day that he feels passionate about. I have learned a lot from his site and this is a site that San Nakji must go to daily.
I found Space Nakji by accident. After my blog name was decided, I wondered who else was using Nakji as a name. There is only one other, Space Nakji. I like her blog because it is about her experiences in Korea, a place dear to my heart. I can understand a lot of the things she talks about and I am particularly impressed with her writing style. I was disappointed recently to see that she disabled the comments function. Some fool decided it was smart and clever to write abusive comments and so she decided to not allow any. A bit sad, I myself would have just deleted them, but I can understand where she is coming from.
So there you go, three very different blogs, but all worth having a look at.

I can't forget my friend Sciubi. Short but sweet Sciubi!

Happy Birthday to Me

San Nakji for President!


Space Nakji said...

Wow, I feel so honored that I made your top three!! Well, maybe not "top three" per se, but a list of some kind anyway. *^^*

San Nakji said...

He he, I check out your page daily, so that makes you up there in the top 100 or so. Take it as an honour!