Thursday, May 19, 2005

Greeting Card Fun

Here in San Nakji's office, as my signature is so sought after, I am always being asked to sign birthday cards, maternity cards, farewell cards, credit cards and the like. Well, I start to run out of things to say after a while, so I came up with this idea which I would like to recommend to the humble reader...
Everyone likes a bit of trivia. Why not enlighten the receiver of the card with a helpful tidbit like, 'The Capital of Chad is Ndjamena - San Nakji', or 'Haley's Comet Comes to Earth Every 76 Years - San Nakji. How about, 'South Chilean Red Ants Require 3.4 Litres of Ice Cream Per Day - San Nakji. Well it doesn't have to be true. What I can say is that this will definitely make your quote memorable and will help the reader in their next pub quiz, jeopardy outing. Can you imagine a contestant betting all their money with Alex on what South Chilean Read Ants can't get enough of?? All because you wrote it in their card! Go on, try it!

San Nakji for President!

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