Friday, March 03, 2006

The Joy of Being Tagged

Gasoline Hobo has tagged me. I, like my American friend, love a list or two. Taking it as seriously as he has, here are my answers...

7 things to do before I die:

1. Talk to the Animals, if I could talk to the animals
2. Fly like an eagle
3. Perform Brain Surgery sloppily
4. Kill Carmen San Diego
5. Eat one of every species on this planet
6. Defeat the Evil Horse Plot
7. Listen to the voices in my head

7 things I cannot do:

1. Listen to Mariah without bursting into tears of uncontrolable rage
2. Blog without using ...
3. Eat Shrieking Cockroaches
4. Doubles Luge
5. Believe that ET is not based on fact
6. Step Class
7. Bear to live without you

7 things I say most often:

1. Eh up!
2. I am your lord and master!
3. Hit me baby one more time!
4. As you do...
5. Take it like your mother's rabbit!
6. What would the Man from Atlantis do in a situation like this?
7. Me like broom broom

7 books I love:

1. Mein Kampf - The Campf version
2. 100 Ways to Meet Your Maker
3. Debbie Does Dallas - The book of the Film
4. Horton Hears a Why God Why?
5. Speaking Klingon, Why?
6. The Bible - The Raunchy Aramaic Version
7. San Nakji's Life Story - Coming soon!

7 movies I can watch over and over again:

1. Anus Magillicutty
2. From Justin to Kelly
3. Waterworld 2 - More Water
4. Glitter
5. Gummibärchen küßt man nicht
6. Ishtar
7. Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

I will tag Ori, KS, Deepa, Friar Tuck, Ruby Slipper Lady, Gasoline Hobo, Ashley, Tim and Seoul Brother. I am thinking that others would not be into it. I am willing to be proven wrong. Oh and Brotha Buck, in case you read this. Gasoline Hobo tagged you my friend!

San Nakji for President!


The Archivist said...

Those are some damn good answers, my friend.

But why can you not listen to Mariah without bursting into tears of uncontrollable rage?

Ashley said...

I love your answers. I am glad to know Ishtar was a hit overseas, too.

Brotha Buck said...

Oh no! Tell my friend Gasoline Hobo how busy a brotha is. Painting, and reading his great works.

Oricon Ailin said...

Hiya my friend! I will answer these questions this weekend. I have to get my puter all put back together. I've got to paint my room though first! heheh

Nice answers! I need to some up with some quirky ones myself.


rubyslipperlady said...

Right back at ya, babe!

Tim Rice said...

Alright, San Nakji. The list is on my Fingerprints blog at

Friar Tuck said...

I am planning on getting to this...but have not quite yet.