Sunday, March 26, 2006

Photo Friday - Smooth

I have been transferring photos from a long disused computer and I found some I had taken with my first ever digital camera. These photos were taken in Korea in 2002 during the FIFA Football World Cup. One of the greatest times in my life was working at the World Cup and I have so many happy memories. Being at the Cup is one of the things I will be able to tell my grandkids and it should still be an impressive boast then!
Anyway, this photo was taken the night that Korea beat Spain to advance to the Semi-Finals of the World Cup. Koreans took to the streets in their millions to celebrate and virtually shut down streets to any traffic. My colleagues and I made our way to my old stamping ground of Shinchon 신촌 where we partied with the Koreans. I was taking a photo of the crowd above, however when I looked at my photos the next day I noticed someone I had not expected was in my shot! This week's theme for Photo Friday is Smooth and this guy seems to be just that, or at least he thinks he is!

San Nakji for President!


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is a very good picture. The guy's hairstyle is very weird.

But mostly, the guy's head is smooth. And if you caught that pic without wanting to, that is an impressive coincidence.

Oricon Ailin said...

Very cool. Strange haircut, but you know, I admire people for being different.

Great picture!