Monday, June 19, 2006

Absence without Blog

Again football is keeping me up at nights and my creative blog writing juices have ceased to flow.

Last night I watched Japan play to a nil all draw with Croatia. Japan played much better than they did against Australia, so that was something. They now have to beat Brazil to have any chance of advancing, not much hope I would think.

What really excited me about the overnight football was Korea pulling off a draw against France. They were completely outplayed for long stretches of the match but still managed enough possession to finish with a score draw. Not too exciting for most of my readership for sure, but I was excited! Korea play again on Friday night, Saturday morning Aotearoa time, and a bunch of Koreans and wannabe Koreans are coming around to yell hell out of the neighbourhood!

In unrelated Journal news I have to say I have had writer's block there too. I have written down a couple of wacky dreams I have been having. Lack of sleep will increase the wackiness of your dreaming. The first dream I had is way too hard to explain, but involves secret gardens, lakes and piles of excrement.... The second dream was kind of cool. I dreamt about Tiger Island. On Tiger Island you can find tigers. I met some, but I can't remember if they were friendly or not. On the way to Tiger Island I wanted to pop into Dunkin' Donuts but it was too far and would have made me late for the boat. I went to a Korean Donut place instead. Which was sufficient...

Well, back to the football!

San Nakji for President!


The Archivist said...

The football is driving you to dream oddly. Not lack of sleep. ;-)

Oricon Ailin said...

I'm nervous about that dream SN.

"...involves secret gardens, lakes and piles of excrement..."