Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I love my iPod

If Mrs SN wasn't around, I would so marry my little green friend! Love love love my iPod!

San Nakji for President!


Belinda said...

yay for your ipod, those coconut crabs look might cool, why pic on the aussies, not very cool =(

black feline said...

lime green stuff! any spare? lol

Cergie said...

Monsieur Cergie is *enragé contre Outlook, Blogger, San Nakji, Tim, Nabeel, Black Feline, Chamamy....

The Archivist said...

That has to be one of the weirdest statements you have ever made on this blog.

Cergie said...

I aggree with this male affirmation: one of your best post !
The little break was necessary. It gave you *un regain d'inspiration !

Spain supporters were singing "Aurevoire Zinedine Zidane... aurevoire Zinedine Zidane..." You do know, isn't it that Zizou plays in a Spain team ?
0-1 * calamitas ! They were right ! It will be the last match of our Zizou !
Goal from Frankie (Ribery). *Ouais !
1-1. Let's go !
Goal from Patou (Viera)
2-1 Brazil, here we are !
Goal *en contre from Zizou !
*Vive Zizou !!! Longue vie !

France met Brazil three times. Last victory of Brazil: 1958.
France won 1986 and 1998.
"I've made a dream"
I love Berlin. My daughter lived 2 years there !!!
calamitas !

Oricon Ailin said...

I'm sorry, my friend, for not having been to your blog in several days. I'll email you about it.

BUT...I don't have an IPod. So they are really that cool?!