Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup Nights

Well one of my favourite events in the world is on right now. The FIFA World Cup is being beamed into living rooms around the world from Germany to us. The time zone is all wrong for us who live just to the left of the International Dateline. Matches are kicking off at 1am, 4am and 7am, New Zealand time. 7am isn't so bad, but so far the matches I have wanted to watch have been at 1am. Things are made worse for me as I need to be up for work at 5:30am. This means I have been going to bed at 9pm, getting up at 12:30am, watching the game until 3am and then getting another couple of hours sleep. You think it's tough for the players to be kicking a ball around in near 40 degrees celcius heat (that's 104 in Fahrenheit)? Try greeting the world having as little sleep as I have had! Not that I am complaining. As Cergie pointed out, one of the teams I support, Japan, played awfully and lost, but last night my favourite team, Korea, beat Togo to go top of their group! Please be excited for me!
Anyway, this is an excuse for not blogging as much as I have in the past. I know there are literally thousands of people out there who live for my posts and to you I apologise. I will try to write more and post more photos as soon as I am able. I assure you that my journal is getting a hard and steady workout.

Go Korea!

San Nakji for President!


Cergie said...

Viva Korea in the same group than France.
0-0 between France and Switzerland ! Danger !
goal !

flowerful said...

Whenever Ahn and Lee shoot the goals, the building were shaked!

coolbuddha said...

Ing-ger-land! Ing-ger-land!

That'll do.

The Archivist said...

I personally am not following the World Cup.

Cergie said...

I like particularly this post because you were talking about me (but it'd have been better if you'd have made a link to cergipontin... *enfin, cela ne fait rien !)
I apologise: Japanese team lost the match instead they were well playing...
I'm afraid the French play their last match against Togo ! My daughter winned at the lotery and may buy three places for this match (she lives near Koln).
And I like the sentence you wrote underneath :
"Have a good weekend guys and gals and those inbetween!"
First because usually everybody says "guys" only and because I'm inbetween...two ages...
newton !

Tim Rice said...

You must be committed to seeing the games to get up in the middle of the night to watch it. :)