Thursday, June 22, 2006

Polite Test

Our morning news and our morning papers screamed that Auckland, the city I live in, is the seventh most polite city in the world! Living in a small country, you soon learn how quickly media jumps at the chance to show that our country is top in one thing or the other. Our media failed to mention what was involved in the politeness test, just that we were 7th! More importantly, we beat Australia! Those impolite so and sos! Three things were tested in the 'politeness' test. Number one was holding doors open for others. Number two was helping someone pick up dropped papers and number three was seeing if shop assistants say thankyou. That's it. Nothing else. Nothing about helping people who are lost. Nothing about crime levels. ( I don't know about you, but I find having my wallet stolen highly impolite!). Nothing about giving up your seat for the old or the infirm. Basically nothing really of worth. Rest assured Seoul, I know you are a very polite city, don't listen to the Reader's Digest! We Kiwis are pretty polite, but how can you measure anything on just three sets of criteria?

San Nakji for President!


black feline said...

Singapore...right there on the least courteous list...I had a good laugh...but it is true! lol after so many decades of courtesy campaign...the authorites are calling for an emergency meeting...especially with IMF conference coming up in Sept 2006...they need 4 mil smiling faces....serious...thats the latest campaign launched last week!!!! out because Im

The Archivist said...

New York is the most courteous place?


Cergie said...

What ? B***** de M**** ! French are les moins corteous ?
Hell's teeth ! That's a Bl**dy H**l non sense ! Bl***'n'***s !
G*d D****d !
I'll come back and *efendre mon honneur !!!!
&@£§#%£ GRRRR !
que diantre

Tim Rice said...

I can't believe that New York tops the list on being courteous! Must have changed since I've been there. ;)

Oricon Ailin said...

I don't know which New York City they're talking about. The NYC I went to didn't seem courteous. In fact, I don't recall ONE person holding a door open for me. And certainly they didn't talk to me.


flowerful said...

It's impressive there is no Asia country on the left list.