Thursday, August 03, 2006

I am Siam

Thoughts from my journal...

What's with spam? No not the ever so yummy when deep fried meaty treat, but that awful email crap we all get in our inboxes every damn day. Apparently there are only a small number of people out there sending millions of these things. One of these guys was living here. I hope they shoot him. Anyway, the idea of spam is to get people to buy your stuff right? Who the hell out there is buying their stuff? It ain't me. It ain't anyone I know. I sure hope it is none of my faithful readers! So if it's no one... Then why are we still getting spammed? This is a great weight on my mind... :o(

On Tuesday night the bus was quite crowded. Normally I look quite menacing and manage to keep my seat to myself. However this guy in a suit decided to invade my seat space and sit next to me. One of the reasons that I don't like people sitting next to me is the smell. Why do I always get the smokers who have just smoked 5 packs before getting on the bus or the guys who have just drunk a yard glass of beer? Well this guy didn't smell like them. He didn't even smell like one of those people who go to the gym after work but would prefer to use the showers in their own homes. No. This guy smelt of lemons. The minute he sat down next to me, my nostrils were invaded with the pungent aroma of freshly cut lemons. Who smells like lemons? I worry that I have a brain tumour. Isn't smelling lemons the first sign?

San Nakji for President!


The Archivist said...

If you think you have a tumour, get an MRI.

Cergie said...

I'm happy to understand that you are not a smoker. It seems to me that you have enough else shortcomings...
Eau de Cologne (from Germany) smells what we call *fleur d'oranger* that's water coming from orange and in the south of France they put that flavour in brioche.
I don't like neither smelling nor taste of that, but some *eau de cologne*, are smelling better, citrus is very fresh when you don't use too much.
I don't know how everybody has so much spam.
My husband and my sons have.
On the beginning, when I got my new computer, I often found even SN's or Tim's comments on my spam box. now, I specified you're not spam, my friends. My box is just a machine, so it cannot see that even if you seem a bad boy, you're a good guy in fact.
Spam are sent to ennoy the whole web and to jam.

Have a good vacation, San Nakji and see you latter.

Oricon Ailin said...

I get a lot of spam also. It's just weird. I'm tired of the Viagra and other medication ones.

I certainly hope it's not a tumor! hehe I don't really think smelling lemons is the sign of a tumor, but hey ya never know. They say everything these days causes cancer.

rubyslipperlady said...

What does one say to another smelling of lemons?

"Hey, why dost thou smellest of the juice of the little yellow citrus?"

Nah, I don't think that's it.

Tim Rice said...

Yeah, spam is annoying. It seems like I'm recently getting more and more of it. When I receive it, I tag it as spam and any email from that address goes to my spam folder and doesn't get opened up.