Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Up high in coconut tree

I have realised that pretty much all the photos I took in Rarotonga were of the sea. I have one of a church made from coral, but the rest are sea. I took 440 photos in the Cook Islands, but due to privacy laws in San Nakji's World, very few are able to be published.

I think a coconut tree really symbolises all that is good about tropical islands. It is the scene you see in your mind's eye when you dream of warmer climes I think. One thing about coconuts though, they can kill you when they fall! A few years ago I was in Rarotonga during a hurricane. I had to drive from one side of the island to the other and it was a harrowing time trying to see in the darkness and trying to avoid flying coconut fronds and coconuts. Fortunately I wasn't killed, but the soft top on my rented sports car leaked and the passenger side of the car was flooded....

San Nakji for President!


rubyslipperlady said...

would love to see the coral church.

The Archivist said...

Good photo. Love that tree.

black feline said...

Bingo! You r right How can a tropical island be without coconut trees? it will be very naked i think

Brotha Buck said...

Man, you do take great photos.

Oricon Ailin said...

You have a picture of a church and you haven't shared it!!! For shame, SN, for shame!!!

But, I'll tell you. This photos is gorgeous! Oh how I want to visit the South Pacific and all those beautiful islands!

Now, are you working on getting that pic of the church on here? Hurry it up, dude. I ain't got all day!

Cergie said...

Yes, I'm really aware how it may be problem with coconuttree,and do you know why ?
When Eti was 4 months old, we was on holidays at Patrick's grandma's home (English difficult. hope you understand me).
We were using to put his little rocking baby hammock near us under a high tree.
The house was near the ocean and there was no coconut tree there, but there were lots of maritime pines. The name of the town is St Brevins les Pins, you were there (in your volcanic island, I mean), when I talked about there (St Brevins les Pins).
And so my lovely swinging baby was under a pine. And suddenly we heared a big "POP" and a big pine cone as large as his little head was on the soil near the hammock.
We were young in that time.
And we were lucky !!!

Cergie said...

Hummm !
I've not finished my story.
Eti is a survivor.
For else reasons.
That's not interesting today.
He is a survivor like sparrow and I'm just noticing that he choose the nickname of Titi, so we call in Paris sparrow.
Titi parisien.

I'm aware with sharks too, and I have also a good reason.

And sand too.

Sewing said...

Gorgeous photo!

Is it my imagination, or did I see Keith Richards' foot in the lower right-hand corner of the picture?

Crystal said...

That picture reminds me of Zanzibar!

Tim Rice said...