Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Time for an update from the journal of SN to you...

What's with older guys and funny facial hair? Handlebar mustaches, enormous beards. What's up with that?

In Rarotonga one night I headed out with the family to a bar/restaurant overlooking Avarua harbour. As we sat enjoying good food and a great view, a guy, with not a hair on his head, walked in. Nothing wrong with a bald guy. How ever there is something wrong with a bald guy with a mullet... This guy had a shiny dome but hair cascading down from the back and side of his head. Can't people balding just do it gracefully? To make things worse, his friend walked in and had the exact same haircut! It was like I had fallen through a hole in the space time continuim and had entered bald mullet world. It was a truly horrifying experience!

Everyday I make myself a sandwich for lunch. Well, one day I don't that day is KEBAB DAY! But I digress... Two things came to my mind this morning as the sandwich progressed. The first was regarding sprouts. We have a container holding something called a 'spicy sprout mix'. Not sure what that is, but it fulfills my daily green requirement and therefore Mrs SN gets off my case. I have been removing sprouts from this container for what seems like weeks but it still seems to be full. I wonder whether we have, by some freak of chance, bought a magical container which will give us a never ending supply of sprouts forever? Do I even want sprouts forever? Could I make money from this device? Hmmmm...

The second thing I was thinking was that a sandwith is a great analogy for life. I couldn't really give you anything more than that statement. It is still an analogy in the making....

Finally I was thinking about the film Death Becomes Her. Has anyone seen it? I know it has that awful Goldie Hawn in it, but that is compensated by the appearance of Bruce Willis. However he doesn't shoot anyone which is quite annoying.

But that's beside the point! What I was thinking was the final scene when Bruce has died and the priest is giving a speech about what he accomplished. The priest says that he will live forever through that which he has left behind. Do you think this is true? Most people in this world don't want to snuff it, but unfortunately this is inevitable. Can we therefore continue on after our demise through things that we have accomplished? I used to think that I would need to continue my DNA to have eternal life, but now I am not so sure... What say you?

San Nakji for President!


The Archivist said...

I think Mrs. SN is just refilling your sprouts container.

As for your analogy, it needs work, because there's so many different sandwiches.

The priest meant memories.

Tim Rice said...

I think many times our lives continue on in the lives of people we have built significant relationships with. And we never know who all looks up to us and says or thinks "I want to be like him or her."

Cergie said...

Just before going to visit monnet's garden, and say "not a hair on his head" = * pas un poil sur le caillou*
poli = not hair ( = cheveu) but it's the same meaning.
caillou = stone !

oh ! SN ! I'm tired even before beginning my day !

Cergie said...

Everywhere in France they say KEBAB, only in Cergy we say GREC. Do you want to eat a kebab ? instead of: do you want to eat a Greek ?
No difference between them however. Same rosted meat, ketchup, bread, lettuce and tomatoes.
And French potatoes !
Insteresting or not ?

Friar Tuck said...

Bald mullets huh?

Something to aspire to!

black feline said...

your point? life is a sandwich? lol
Btw...how can u NOT mentioned Meryl Streep in the movie?...she stole the thunder from Goldie!

Oricon Ailin said...

Oh man...don't ever let my dad read this!! His hair has been migrating down the back of his head for years!! hehehehehehe

As for the living in eternity and stuff...yes, I do believe we live on after our earthly bodies die.

In the things we do in our lives, in the memories we create, and in the journeys we walk with others. All things we do can live on into eternity through others.

Jonas Salk, the man who dicovered the Polio vaccine, he still lives on because of his works.

Abraham Lincoln still lives on because of the wonderful things he did as a President for the USA.

Mother Teresa lives on because of her charity work.

All of us have the potential to live on into eternity through the lives we have touched.