Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2006 in review, Part One

My dear blogging friends. The year is coming to a close. I notice with some surprise that even North Korea agrees that our year is coming to a close. Well done Romans, everyone is towing the line! Well, that's off topic...

My dear blogging friends. The year is coming to a close. Did you enjoy 2006? I have to say that for me, it was a much better year than 2005. A couple of stand out amazing things happened last year, but so many of my favourite famous people kicked the kumara (bucket) that it was a tad on the miserable side. However... 2006 has been much kinder. Therefore, when I look back on my life, this year will get a nice tick from me. I think it may have something to do with even numbers. I prefer the balance of a 6 as opposed to a 5. I don't even know what I am going to do about 2007! It is just too awful to think of.

Again, off topic. Damn!

So without further ado, here are my top things of 2006...


The sad thing about movies this year is that I have seen a grand total of 3 at the theatre. Further added to this misery is that I have seen only 4 others on DVD. Obviously the top film for me has to come from these. I was quite excited about the reinvention of Superman, but man, was I disappointed! Recently a friend has made me revisit V for Vendetta and that is now out. Sadly this then makes my favourite movie of the year.... (drum roll)

Talladega Nights, The Legend of Ricky Bobby

I laughed a couple of times during the film. That'll do me...


I may possibly be the only remaining person in Aotearoa New Zealand still watching Lost. It is a hell of a frustrating show that kids you into thinking it is going somewhere, but really isn't. When they finally finish the show and turn it into a novel, it isn't going to make 300 pages. However on TV it is turned into at least four series! What the hell?

The show I am downloading right now is Heroes. This looks awesome and I think it will get the tick from me! IT even has an Asian guy (Japanese) as one of the main characters! Wow!


This is only because the second series of Extras is not out yet. I like Rescue me too.


I am so totally obsessed with Arctic Monkeys. I can't tell you how much this little band from Sheffield, England has changed my life this year. I try to listen to other music, but I am drawn back every time to my Arctic Monkeys. I should be more open to music, but I find myself comparing everything to them. I know they are not for everyone, but for the life of me I can't figure out why.

Artic Monkeys


Of course it is going to be an Arctic Monkeys song. D'uh.

Leave Before the Lights Come On


The best food of 2006. No doubt is any meal made by Mrs SN containing orzo. Man that is good stuff! Out of the house I will go for the duck I had in Korea.

Mrs SN Orzo dish
Korean Duck


Coke Zero. I can now enjoy Coke with a Coke taste, but without the Coke masses of sugar. Coke. I know it is probably killing me on the inside, but until then. Coke.

Coke Zero


Well apart from my own rather tastefully done blog, I would have to say...

All blogs on my blog roll (and one other which is not listed for privacy reasons)

Like I would say anything else!

New Blog Design

Ori's Blog

It's awesome

San Nakji's World Commentor (or is it commenter?)

I have three faithful commentors. Ori and Kira's Slave have always been there encouraging me, although KS... I wish you would take some of my posts the way they were intended! However...


She has to win! She comments multiple times on the same post. I can't compete with that!


I love podcasts. I subscribe to millions of them. Well maybe not quite millions.. Maybe just a million. The winner of this category is... Well, there are two. One pro and one amateur.

The Ricky Gervais Show

Is the pro. If you have never seen his TV shows The Office or Extras, then you are missing out on comedy gold I tells ya! His podcast is just funny. That's all I can say. I embarrass myself on the bus by laughing out loud a lot when listening. Maybe this is why no one sits next to me? Perhaps it's the fact I only shower on leap years? Hmmm...

Tokyo Calling

Is the amateur. Scott just has a voice for radio. Unlike yours truly who has a voice for blogging... If you are in to podcasting at all, give Scott a try. He is just a really genuine guy and that's what I like about people.


I don't know... perhaps? Really, for me it has to be


It is the place I learn about all those TV shows I loved from long ago. It where I study up on US presidents for the pub quiz. I love my Wikipedia!

US President

You can't go past President Taft. The heaviest president ever? Now that's a claim to fame!

William Taft

World Leader

He is the fashion leader, never a follower

Kim Jeong Il

Well, that's part one. Did you enjoy it?

San Nakji for President!


Anonymous said...

Isn't there something I win at?

Damn, man. *weeps for the loss of humanity*

Nice choices, though. You are brilliantly wise.

Brotha Buck said...

I love orzo! I didn't know it had a name.

Cergie said...

My husband told me recently that coca cola is bad for women's bones -> osteoroporosis

You are a male, San Nakji, are you ?

black feline said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to u!

Oricon Ailin said...

Very cool list!! I don't think I have heard Arctic Monkeys, but I'll have to follow the wiki-link to read up on them.

You like my new design? *blushes* Awww, you are far too kind!!

I never knew that Orzo was barley. I love barley!! Very neat! That's why I love your blog so much...I learn something new everyday.

And, I'd compete with Cergie on the commenting thing, but unfortunately, I just can't be online long enough to comment like that! LOL!!

But, you know me. I will ALWAYS be a faithful commenter! hehehe *HUGS*

I'm really glad to hear that 2006 was much better for you. *SUPER HUGS*

Blessings for you, SN!!

Luv ya!

roman said...

You mentioned Kim Jong-Il. I don't know why but I suspect that he is secretly an Elvis impersonator. I can almost see him (in my mind's eye) wearing the up-turned collared white sequined jacket with the pompadour haicut and flaired sequine-lined white leather pants... Don't ask, I don't know why this comes to mind.

Ashley said...

I am a Heroes fan, too. I love that show.

Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.


black feline said...


Happy New Year!


Cergie said...

I thought I'd have much to read and comment and eventually, I'm seing that not

MMMM ????
What happened, dear San Nakji ?

Reflex said...

A big applause for Cergie! :D

Friar Tuck said...

I still like lost no matter what you say, and I also like heroes.