Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Minty!

It's Minty's birthday today. Well, tomorrow his time, but today my time. all very confusing and perhaps cool if you could fly from here to there, thus having two birthdays...

Minty is a great commentator on world events and a great drawer. He just doesn't post very much. Please post more young man!

San Nakji for President!


minty clorets said...

Aww, shucks..thanks :) yeah it would be nice if I can have 2 parties. ;b
Oh, don't forget about my b-day present! ps3 plz :d

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Minty!

minty clorets said...

Ahh that anime! I knew that looked familiar!
How did you know "Here is green wood" is one of my fav anime?! ;0

flowerful said...

Happy birthday, Minty! By the way, I cannot fine you blog. It's not working.

minty clorets said...

Ah, for a second there I thought my site was really appears nakji just mistyped my blog's address. it should be:
"" not
"". ;b

Cergie said...

Minty's blog is still unfound
What are you doing, san nakji ?
Is it the way you are aware with your subjects ?

Happy birthday minty, man young plus one year