Saturday, February 03, 2007

Boat Late Leak Bed

Here's a boat.
It's late.
My toilet is leaking.
Must go to bed.

San Nakji for President!


Cergie said...

Oh San Nakji, now you are such a great poet !
I'm happy you have a good life and no problem
It'd be worst with blocked toilet I mean

You use so beautiful words, nobody will look at your picture
And however it is so inviting : I would like to sleep on this boat even if I fall in the sea when I do nightmares
I only hope this boat is not leaking

Anonymous said...

That's an odd looking boat, to be sure.

Oricon Ailin said...

Cool looking boat! Thatched roof and all!

Now, go fix your toilet! hehehe

rubyslipperlady said...

Love the boat,
I've been to bed late every night this week,
My toilet is fine, thank goodness - and clean, too!