Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Native Bird of some kind

I don't know what this bird is
It doesn't know me, so we are even
I am sad about Anna Nicole
The Daily Show made jokes about her
I laughed
I felt guilty
I like birds

San Nakji for President!

**News Flash**

It is an Australian Coot
I am sad


Cergie said...

For me, this bird is a Maori duck, I did not find him on my book about all birds of europe

Why did you not ask to him what is his name ?

Anonymous said...

You are taking very good pictures, San Nakji. I like how this duck was captured.

The writing is good also.

The Gig said...

Looks like some kind of duck to me, but what do I know? These are cute pictures. I like the water scene there -- looks peaceful.

I also like your template -- CUTE!

I will continue to read your posts, but I don't know how to link people; Buck does it for me and he's too busy right now. :-)

Oricon Ailin said...

Great pic! I love wildlife...but you know that! hehe I'm always watching Africam. ehhehe

I liked your poem too. *winks*

San Nakji said...

@Cergie: He just wouldn't sit still long enough!

@Gig: That's ok, thanks for stopping by!

Cergie said...

I am tagging you (San Nakji). See my blog, if you care to participate

(These are exactly the words of get zapped who tagged me. I'm lazy today)

Ashley said...

Darn, I missed the Daily Show!

coobuddha said...

We have a lot of Coots in the UK. Once saw one in Hyde Park trying to build a nest but the sticks kept disappearing under the water - poor thing.