Thursday, February 15, 2007


I like ducks
After eating duck bulgogi in Korea
I love ducks
They have personality
They are the San Nakji of the bird world

San Nakji for President!


Cergie said...

Male or female ?
I presume rather female

Duck = female
Duck = san nakji
Duck = snail eater
snail eater = French
Cergie = female
Cergie = French

-> San Nakji = French female
San Nakji = Cergie

Cergie said...

Beautiful duck picture, indeed !
It seems so timid, that's cute

Anonymous said...

That's a duck? It doesn't SEEM like a duck.

Then again, the last time I saw a duck was... years ago.

David Cho said...

So you like eating animals with personality? LOL.

San Nakji said...

@Cergie: 6 degrees of blog separation, I like! I think she is female and she was timid, but did eat from my hand

@KS: Take another look at ducks!

@David: They are the tastiest kind ;)

The Gig said...

Cute picture. I have a co-worker who is into ducks too.