Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blog Privacy

I was watching the news this morning and there was a piece on a flight attendant who was fired from her airline, Delta I think. She was fired due to some risque photos she had on her Blog taken of her at her workplace, ie the plane. You can see her blog here. The news item went on to show some other people who had been fired for making disparaging comments about their workplaces and / or bosses and had been fired also. I am not sure why these people feel they have been wronged. If they didn't know, perhaps I can enlighten them that the web is not a private place. If you want to write a private diary, then the World Wide Web is not a place for privacy. If you slag off your boss or defame your company or whatever, it is there for everyone to see. No matter how you may try to hide the real names, it seems that people will eventually figure it out. It seems our friend, the flight attendant, wanted everyone to see her posing, but at the same time was shocked when people saw her posing. I remember a number of years ago a female police officer was fired in the US when she posed in Playboy. What is the difference between that and the Flight Attendant? If you make things public, then you leave yourself open for things like this to happen.
There was that other case of the woman sending her boyfriend an email of an explicit nature and him then forwarding to friends and they to friends and so on. It ruined her life. The lesson here is that the internet is not safe. Things that you don't want people to know should really be kept away from this very public medium... Anything that San Nakji writes here is what San Nakji would say if you had a conversation with me. Things of a more personal nature will not be seen here or anywhere on this privacy lacking piece of technology.... Obviously some people haven't figured out how it works by now....

San Nakji for President!

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