Wednesday, April 13, 2005

If You are Ever Hungry in Seoul

A bit of a strange post today.

I was looking through my wallet, as you do, and found the business card of my all time favourite eating establishment in Korea. It is called 韓國의집 or Korea House in English. This is not to be confused with the Korea House in Chungmuro where a certain live octopus was married. No, this Korea House is actually opposite Baehwa Women's College or if you don't know that place, try opposite Gyeongbuk Palace. If you don't know that place, then I am thinking that you haven't been to Korea....
Anyway, this place serves 죽 Juk, which is rice porridge. It may not sound good, but with the added extras, such as mushrooms and oysters (my favourite), there is nothing better on a cold day, or a hot day, or any day really. The shop is really small, only about three tables, and is run by two 아줌마 Ajummas who are really nice. From what I remember (haven't been there since November), there is no English on the shop front, but it is a little building with a step up and has opaque glass across the front. I think it is almost exactly opposite a 24 hour convenience store and is quite close to an overpass bridge thing. If you get hungry in Seoul, make sure you go there. Just tell them that San Nakji sent you and you will get the Juk for 4000 won. Normal price, 4000 won!

San Nakji for President!

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