Thursday, April 28, 2005

Making Bacon

Dear Reader,

I am going to let you into a great secret. It is San Nakji's plan to make millions of dollars. I am writing it here with a date stamp so that if someone steals this idea and makes a single dollar on it, I will sue for much money. If someone steals this idea and San Nakji gets credit (Read - Money), then all is right in the world. Without further ado then, let us begin.
What is the greatest smell in the world? Without a doubt it is bacon cooking. This is especially an attractive smell for men and they will come from miles around to find the source of the delicious smell! (Unless they are a bloody vego and then they have more problems than not just liking bacon). To harness the power of this smell is the key. I often (well sometimes, well hardly ever, well once) walk past perfume counters in department stores and am surprised by the scents that are being sold. Surely the idea for these scents is that by wearing them, women are attracting men. I don't know about you, but as far as I am concerned, flowery or herby smells are not smells that men could really care about. Now, if a woman were to wear Ou d'cochon (Smell of Pig, yes it sounds better in French!) or bottled bacon scent, that would definitely attract the men! How could this possibly fail, it is fool proof! All I need to further this idea is a few dollars for research and marketing and we will all be rich, rich I tell ya!
Now as warned above, my idea has now been recorded and I will be watching vigilantly should this secret get out....

San Nakji for President!


Janet said...

Just this morning at work we smelled bacon for about 20 minutes worth and it was wonderful. I've been on a vicious diet, and smelling the bacon was truly the best, it was almost as good as eating it.

Oricon Ailin said...

Actually, this is funny. I like the idea. However, would that mean that other woman would be attracted to me as well, if I were to wear bacon scented perfume?? I mean, I LOVE bacon and I love the smell of it. heheheheh

Cergie said...

I'll tell you a great *souvenir.
My first English word was "Tim".
The first sentence I said:
"Tim kicks the big pig and the big pig kicks the brick".
"To kick"= "donner un coup de pied à"... So long !
And "cane"= "duck female"... So long too but not in the same *langue.
Are you smelling "eau de cochon" ?
Excuse me but I'm a bit disappointed... (Sight)