Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ivan for Pope

They are inside the Sistine Chapel now voting on a new Pope. Aren't you just dying with curiosity to know what goes on in there? Dan Brown gave us an idea in Angels and Demons (better in San Nakji's humble opinion than the Da Vinci Code), but it is not enough. I am hoping that some enterprising, probably gutter press-like, television station sneaks into the Sistine Chapel and secretly films what's happening.... It would probably be boring TV, but you never know right?
At the moment there seem to be a number of front runners in the race for Pope. I think they need a non-European Pope as outside of Europe is where the big Catholic numbers are. For me, the Americas are too much like Europe and so I would like to see one from either Africa or Asia. The leading candidate is from Nigeria and is Francis Arinze. On the surface having a 'Black' Pope would be good, but this guy is bad news. He is extremely conservative and if he were elected the Church would continue on its' merry way opposing birth control, gays and women's rights. On top of this, as he has lived most of his life in the Vatican, how in touch would he be with Africa?
Better then, to go with Ivan Dias from India. He still lives in India and so knows what is going on in a poor country (hopefully). He sounds more grounded and the fact that he speaks 15 languages (my hero) should show that he has a good worldly view. So that's my vote. I urge all the Cardinals to vote Ivan in the upcoming election... am I too late?
Also, what's up with all these Cardinals having to have European names? The Catholic Church seem to have this idea that all Catholics should sound like they are European... I will write a letter to the new Pope and let him know that I am not happy!

San Nakji for President


The Archivist said...

Ivan seems like a good choice, but I think someone like the guy you rejected is going to get in.

San Nakji said...

Yeah, I don't govern the church unfortunately... yet....

Cergie said...

I was there, in the "chapelle Sixtine",
Ouais ! Cergie !!!
but happily it was not last year
lol coqji