Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The New Pope

I was going to go off on a little rant about how much the decision on the new Pope annoyed me. However, thinking about it, why should I care? I think I am getting caught up in the media frenzy surrounding this whole thing. I have to come clean and tell you all that I am not Catholic. If I were to turn religious, I would consider Catholicism as I like all the cool outfits and all the gold. I would probably however go for Orthodoxy as their is something very historical and unchanging about the whole Eastern Church thing. But as it so happens, I am not religious and so I will let the Catholics get on with their thing. It would have been good if they could have chosen a younger guy with more progressive views (see previous post), but hey, maybe this Pope is what the Catholic public wants. Knock yourself out Catholics! As long as you don't mess with me or the ones I care about you can have anyone you want...

San Nakji for President

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